Different Dimension Me APK v1.0 (For Android)

admin - 2022/12/05

Downloads of the QQ Different Dimension Me apk are now available for Android users. You can enjoy Tencent QQ Different Dimension Me AI Site App on mobile without any problem.

Name Different Dimension Me
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version v1.0
Size 20M
MOD For Android
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer Tencent QQ
Price Free

Downloads of the QQ Different Dimension Me apk are now available for Android users. You can enjoy Tencent QQ Different Dimension Me AI Site App on mobile without any problem. Stay with us until the conclusion of the post today, as we are going to go over all there is to know about this app, including how to download and install it on an Android device.

About QQ Different Dimension Me APP APK

Through the application of artificial intelligence, the website known as Different Dimension Me transforms users' photographs into cartoon representations of themselves. Because users of social media platforms could use the website to generate anime drawings of themselves in addition to other individuals and characters, it gained popularity among those users very rapidly after its introduction on the Tencent QQ platform in November 2022.

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Prior to the 27th of November in 2022, the Chinese technology corporation Tencent debuted the Different Dimension Me App (ch.) on its QQ instant messaging service. This is a website that is built on an AI model and it is capable of generating anime renditions of the images that is supplied (main page screenshot shown below). It is hypothesized that the visuals are produced by the generator via the use of a kind of artificial intelligence known as Stable Diffusion.

Images that were generated using various dimensions Me began to spread outside of the Chinese web on November 27, 2022, with the website initially gaining popularity among users who speak Spanish.

The beginning of Different Dimension Me's development into worldwide markets came about as a result of this. On November 27th, for example, a user tweeted about finding the AI on Twitter and uploaded the anime version of his images that was created by the website. He also provided the photos themselves.

Over the course of three days, the tweet was liked and retweeted over 450 times, totaling over 40 times (shown below, left). Later on that day, a person on Twitter responded to the post with an AI-generated anime rendition of GigaChad, which can be seen to the right below. In the hours that followed, other users joined in on the mania.

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Late in the month of November 2022, individuals began sharing their own personal photos and images of other people and characters that were generated by the website, which led to the website gaining viral status on various social media platforms. This occurred as a direct result of the individuals' actions.

Tencent QQ Different Dimension Me Apk's Functions and Features

Different Dimension Me takes photographs that users submit and converts them into anime-inspired pieces of art. The app focuses especially on portraits of humans and characters. The completed work is presented in the form of a short music video, in which the picture that was produced may be viewed for viewers' perusal and evaluation.

Even though it hasn't been shown, a lot of people think that the generator employs the Stable Diffusion AI model, and more especially the img2img sample script. This is something that hasn't been confirmed, but a lot of people believe it.

Diffusion That Does Not Become Unstable

The artificial neural network that is known as Stable Diffusion is capable of creating pictures not just in response to a textual stimulus but also by making images that are based on images that already exist. In other words, it can produce images that are derivatives of existing images. The ability of the network in September 2022 to produce images based on famous memes like as Pepe the Frog aided to the meme's ascent to popularity on the internet and helped it achieve viral status.

How To Use QQ Different Dimension Me Site Apk iOS and Android

In order to utilize the "Different Dimension Me" QQ anime filter, users on iPhone, Android, or PC need perform the following:

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  1. Follow this link to access the Different Dimension Me website at your earliest convenience.
  2. To proceed, click the enormous button with a variety of colors that is situated at the very bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the sizable button that may be found just under the newly formed picture.
  4. Choose the image from your collection that you would like to see adapted into an anime.
  5. Maintain your composure while you wait for the procedure to reach its conclusion.
  6. You may save the photo to your device by pressing and holding the right mouse button (on a PC) or placing your finger on the button.

Be aware that since the app is so popular, there is a chance that an error may occur while the creation process is taking place. This is something that you should prepare yourself for. The translation of the notice you got is "The event is too hot, please try again at a later time." It is highly recommended that you come back at a later time in order to prevent any more irritation that may be caused by your being here.