Gacha World Mod APK 1.3.6 (Unlimited everything)

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Download Gacha world Mod APK - Unlimited everything - An offline RPG for Android developed by Lunime. Version 1.3.6 of the game has been released, including Christmas stuff and a MOD

Name Gacha World
Updated November 6, 2018, 12:00 am
Compatible with 4.0 and up
Last version 1.3.6
Size 91.8 MB
MOD Unlimited everything
Category Role Playing
Developer Lunime
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview of Gacha World MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Gacha World APK is a role-playing game set in a fantasy universe for Android. In this playground, you take on the role of a hero whose goal is to assemble anime warriors with various skills to vanquish every foe in turn-based combat.

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Gacha World, you may easily make the best gacha with 5-7 stars by beginning by making your own Gacha Summoner in the form of an anime character. After that, gather them and dispatch them into combat.

Similar to gacha, you combine cards in gacha world. When you obtain enough Gacha Star, you can summon team members to unleash more destructive force in addition to using basic attacks. Each gacha has a unique offensive strategy, such as hitting every target, just the front, just the back, or all opponents.

The planet is in danger of collapsing, and Gacha World for Android is waiting for you to save it. You discover each character's backstory. Take part in tasks that involve farming, boss confrontations, and PvP combat. And there are a ton of other things you should investigate.

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Gamers are drawn to gacha games

Gacha has maintained a significant level of appeal through numerous gaming platforms and generations. The rush of winning spins, the incomparable satisfaction of obtaining the objects or characters of your dreams, and the sense of accomplishment you experience when you have so many epic characters in your possession, each unique in terms of appearance, skill, weapons, and battle techniques. Many other genres can't compare to that. Gacha remains the sole option.

gacha world mod apk unlimited everything

Give Gacha World a try if you're seeking for a game that mixes the standard Gacha gameplay and the slightly chibi-style anime characters.

Gacha summoners globe

There are several monsters that have arisen, appeared, and overrun the earth in the world that is almost at its conclusion. It's time for you to call forth your own band of Gacha heroes to vanquish this evil power and restore world peace.

Players can summon their own strong cartoon warriors by spinning the game's lucky Gacha wheel. Ratings between 5 and 7 stars will be given to the top Gacha fighters. Your odds of winning battles increase if your squad consists of more of these elite heroes.

Each time you spin the Gacha, you will lose three gems, spend thirty gems, get one round after ten spins, spend 150 gems, spin fifty rounds, and get five rounds. Your odds of having more powerful, superior, and charismatic heroes increase as you spin more.

You must have a minimum number of gems to begin Gacha rounds. These gems can be acquired by performing a variety of game-related side missions, including farming, breeding, and farming. In order to obtain a significant number of gems, you can also opt to go the bloody route rather than engage in fierce Boss Raid levels combat. For those who enjoy a little bit of combat, there is a PvP arena where the winner will swiftly amass more gems than the loser does.

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You'll actively seek out the Gacha spins in a variety of methods to add as many strong, capable warriors to your team as you can.

Gaining insight into each combatant also brings us closer to the end result

Each warrior conceals a tale in addition to having a unique fighting style and attractive appearance. Unexpectedly, that tale can be a crucial piece of the puzzle that helps you find some answers to your quest to save the world. You have a chance to comprehend, empathize with, and remember your warrior more fully after each narrative. They are your true friends who have a close bond with you in addition to being your comrades in battle.

Stunning numbers

More than 90 warrior characters of all-star levels are currently available in Gacha World. There have recently been added, numerous advanced 7-star warriors. Each hero has a unique backstory, name, physical description, and fighting skill set. The enjoyment of all gacha games revolves around gathering as many heroes as you can.

You can alter the appearance of each hero by giving them different outfits, caps, accessories, and more. With the appropriate amount of gems, you can buy any or all of these products from the game store.

In order to help players build up their momentum and prepare to learn more about the game's features, Gacha World also offers two free plays. This is a great way to get acquainted with the game.

Elemental-based role-playing conflict

You may start to fully control, role-play, and take charge of your character once you have a fresh warrior in your possession. The combat controls in this game are blatantly influenced by role-playing.

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To combat foes who employ elemental assaults as well, each warrior will rely on its own elemental strengths and weaknesses. The combat was very heated. To have any chance of winning, you must employ both tactical skills and intelligence. Gacha World's fighting level is, in my opinion, in the middle, making it challenging to succeed if disregarded.

Additionally, players can take part in a variety of game modes to maintain the game's high level of excitement and to continue collecting new gems after successful spins. The game's modes are story mode, campaign mode, PvP league, boss raids, and tower mode. Depending on your preferences, you can join and switch between game modes at any time. Each genre has its own strengths.

Feature Principal of Gacha World MOD APK Unlimited Everything

  • Gacha World has more than 90 characters!
  • Elemental strengths and weaknesses in the RPG battle system
  • Boss Raids, Story, Events, PvP League, and Tower Modes!

gacha world mod apk

  • 30 gems for a 10+1 gacha, 150 gems for a 50+5 gacha, and 3 gems per pull!
  • Free to play, easy to harvest for gems!
  • Create a unique Hero! Shop for clothing, caps, and other items.
  • Google Play Achievements & Leaderboards
  • Perform offline! Wi-fi is not required to play
  • Play Ice Age Adventures APK if you like.

Versions of Gacha World MOD APK Unlimited Gems

  • Tickets, gems, and everything are unlimited (updating)
  • Top Level (updating)
  • Free shopping and endless funds (version 1.3.6)


Gacha World MOD APK Unlimited Gems is a typical gacha game in which you can enjoy summoning valiant warriors, personalizing, following the stories of each character, using role-playing controls, and utilizing all of the various skill factors in combat. You won't be disappointed with this totally immersive gacha