Gangster Crime: Dark Knight Mod APK 1.21 (Unlimited money)

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Download Gangster Crime: Dark Knight Mod APK - Unlimited money - Only a select few can succeed. Test your skills in a 3D third-person shooter with RPG elements in an open 3D universe.

Name Gangster Crime: Dark Knight
Updated November 10, 2022, 12:00 am
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.21
Size 210 MB
MOD Unlimited money
Category Action
Developer Zego Global Publishing
Price Free
Google Play Link

With regards to Gangster Crime Dark Knight Mod APK unlimited money

Zego Global Publishing offers the action-adventure game Gangster Crime Dark Knight APK, which has a criminal theme. It has 3D visuals, a backdrop of a city plagued by crime, and tasks that call for you to slime your way between locations.

Gangster Crime Dark Knight Mod APK unlimited money

The game includes RPG components, such as character development and stat modification. To aid you in completing your assignments, you can arm your avatar with tools, equipment, and other supplies.

Gangster Crime Dark Knight APK also includes a range of foes and environments to explore. This game offers hours of furious action-adventure gameplay, whether you're breaking into criminal hideouts or driving through the streets looking for targets.

Overall, this game has been tuned for fluid animations to prevent lag. It is perfect for low-end devices because it is small (177MB) and doesn't consume a lot of system resources.

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Knowledge of Gangster Crime Dark Knight Mod APK free download

  • Name: Gangster Crime Dark Knight
  • Publisher: Zego Global Publishing
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 177M
  • Latest version: 1.4
  • MOD Info: Unlimited Money

The History of Gangster Crime Dark Knight MOD APK unlimited money

You take on the role of an agent entrusted with finding and prosecuting gang leaders in a city plagued by violent gangs and brutal criminals. You must infiltrate enemy territory using your stealth and action skills to take out your targets quickly enough to prevent them from fleeing or retaliating.

Gangster Crime Dark Knight Mod APK download latest version 2022

As the city devolves into chaos under the shadow of the Dark Knight Prophecy, the story begins. The cops are weak and overburdened as crime rates suddenly increase dramatically. It's up to you to bring the city back to order and take it back from the criminal gangs who now rule it.

Fortunately, you will have access to the DC universe's incredible willpower. In this adventure with a crime theme, you command a group of DC warriors with unique powers to solve challenges and defeat foes.

Outstanding Characteristics of Gangster Crime Dark Knight unlimited money latest version 2022

  • Interact with the Superheroes & Villains of the Justice League. In this game, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, and other DC heroes and foes are featured.
  • Extremely Exciting Gameplay To win this game, you must pay a steep price. You must decide immediately and be wholly dedicated to the course of action. Keep your guard up at all times because the game's criminal underbelly is vicious and cruel.
  • Achievable City Scenarios. Characters from the DC world and the mafia coexist in the realistic cityscape where this game is located. Beautiful 3D visuals are used to recreate the ghetto streets, and each site has a unique atmosphere and set of difficulties. You are free to explore and conquer the immoral city.

Gangster Crime Dark Knight Mod APK

  • Gameplay for a 3D third-person shooter. Gangster Crime Dark Knight APK's fast-paced third-person shooter action necessitates perfect timing and quick reflexes. In order to boost your chances of surviving, you will have access to body armor and a first-aid kit. Make sure you hit your mark and make it out safely.
  • Numerous Vehicles are Available. To get around the city, a variety of vehicles are available in this game. Trucks, sports vehicles, and motorcycles are all options for transportation. Even gang cars can be taken over and used to further your objectives.
  • Many weapons and powers. You can upgrade your equipment and alter it to suit your playing preferences. Whether you like close-range shooting or melee attacks, this game offers everything you need to win. You will also be able to make your journey easier. For instance, you can utilize your teleportation and telekinesis abilities to get past obstacles and defeat adversaries.
  • Make Your Superhero Your Own. You can design your own superhero avatar in this game. To alter the appearance of your character, you have access to a variety of styles, clothing options, and accessories. You can mix and match countless possibilities to create the ideal superhero appearance.
  • Numerous challenges and quests. There are countless challenges and missions, each with a different goal. You can undertake tasks that put your strength, stealth, or speed to the test. Alternatively, you might concentrate on lengthier missions that demand more preparation and strategy.

Gangster Crime Dark Knight Mod APK unlimited money free download

Gangster Crime Dark Knight Mod APK download

  • Gangster Crime Dark Knight MOD APK Unlimited Money. You may buy any weapon or upgrade with this MOD without paying any money. From the beginning of the game, you will have access to the best equipment and weapons, giving you an advantage over your rivals.
  • All cars have unlocked doors. All vehicles in Gangster Crime Dark Knight MOD APK are available right now. To enhance your performance on the road, you can equip your car with strong guns and other upgrades.
  • No Ads. Dealing with adverts while playing a game for extended periods of time can be annoying. You won't ever have to be concerned about advertisements interrupting your gaming thanks to this MOD.


Download Gangster Crime Dark Knight Mod APK if you enjoy action games with lots of action, challenging battles, and entertaining gameplay. For gamers who like crime-themed games with a variety of tasks and quests, this game is a great option. Just be ready for some difficult encounters along the way