Kaguya Player APK Mod v1.2.0 (No Ads)

admin - 2022/07/28

A click based mini game made with Unity Live2D called Kaguya Player APK Mod 2022. The real time animations available to the player using mouse perjury are fun and engaging.

Name Kaguya Player
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Last version v1.2.0
Size 49 MB
MOD No Ads
Category Simulation
Price Free

Concerning Kaguya Player APK

You can have fun with a variety of amazing games that are offered here. It's time to look for something more thrilling if you're sick of playing your normal games.

You can play an adult simulation game in addition to the other horror and action games available nowadays. You may do anything for Princess Kaguya Player Mod Apk in Kagua Player, and you can save here.

kaguya player apk download latest version

This dating simulation game is a little different from the others that have been made for adults. In this game, saving Princess Cagua replaces going to school or working.

You must free her from her captivity on our planet while also having fun. You can do whatever you want with her because she is a girl who loves porn so much. Here, you can do good, lick yourself, and enjoy passionate sex.

Features of Kaguya Player APK 2022

It is not a coincidence that Kaguya Player Mod APK is so widely used in adult games. Kaguya Player Mod APK has several interesting features that you may take advantage of. to feel as realistically as possible. the subsequent

Adult-friendly video games

Once more, this is an adult-only game. You are allowed to act erotically in this game. It will help you relieve tension and fatigue in a big way.

Kaguya Player Apk Free Download

You may download the Kaguya Player Mod APK for free. All you need is a smartphone to download and use it right away.

Act however you wish

Using the Kaguya Player Mod APK, you can have a close relationship with Princess Kaguya.

The princess finds comfort and pleasure in having you touch her body. You can employ a lot of the game's interesting features.

Animals from anime

The Japanese animation technique known as "Anime" was used to create the game's characters. The avatar has large breasts, a stunning body, and white hair.

kaguya player apk for android

Pleasant controls and graphics

If you like games with crisp images, Kaguya Player Mod APK is the best choice. Kaguya Player Mod APK features realistic movements, clear 2D graphics, and musical effects that you can appreciate.

Due to the fact that you may perform a variety of chores by simply touching the screen, the game's controls are also extremely simple. Because adult entertainment is the primary goal, there aren't any sophisticated controls, interfaces, etc. When playing mobile games, all it takes is a few random taps to get the scene you want.

The Stunning Advantages Of Kaguya Player Mod APK for android

In addition to its outstanding features, Kaguya Player Mod APK offers a number of outstanding advantages. the next complete freedom Despite being an adult simulation game, Kaguya Player Mod APK is completely free to download. There won't be any fees associated with such work. Start playing the game right away by downloading it.

  • Auto-saving function. Swipe left from the right edge of the screen to add notes for the items you need to preserve.
  • Kaguya Player Apk No Ads. You won't be interrupted or distracted while playing by advertising. The game will have you feeling completely at ease.
  • You won't need to take much time to enjoy the process because it is so simple.
  • To search, tap the screen.
  • You can change the viewing angle by touching the button at the bottom of the screen.
  • To use, merely drag the object.
  • In the upper-left corner of the screen, there is a menu tip button.

How to own Kaguya Player APK download Latest Version? 

Many mobile games are available today for free. You can play a lot of mobile games right away all over the planet. If gambling is your thing, you may currently choose from a wide variety of amazing games. You may take advantage of the top video games right now, including simulations, fights, and more. You may play the adult game with Kagua Player!

kaguya player apk free download

It's simple to download Kaguya Player APK 2022 to your phone. You can download it for free with the help of our straightforward instructions, which we have made.

Step 1: Click the Download button

You must first click on the download button we have provided. You have now reached the download page; simply click the download button and wait a moment for the app to begin downloading.

Step 2: File Manager

To start downloading, click the download button. Look for the APK file in your file manager.

Enable Unknown Source: Before installing, third-party applications require the unknown source settings to be enabled. Android cannot install any third-party app without the unknown source settings being enabled.

Install the application in Step 3.

Now click the Kaguya Player APK file you just downloaded. Once you've done so, your program will be installed.

Let's begin with Step 4!

Your phone will now display a Kaguya Player APK icon. To start utilizing it, only tap on it.

Questions and Answers

Q: Does it represent the free Kaguya Player Apk for Android?

kaguya player apk

Yes, downloading Kaguya Player Apk For Android is free, and users won't have to pay anything to use it on their phones or other devices.

Q: Is it legal to download Kaguya Player APK?

Despite being free to use, the application is safe and legitimate. There are many great features in it.

Q: What is the Kaguya Player APK Update Process?

Since the Kaguya Player APK was created by a third party, an automated update is not possible. The app must be manually updated by uninstalling the previous version and installing the new one.

Q: How is the Kaguya Player Apk Download Latest Version 100% secure, according to Takemod.com?

A: If a user wants to download an APK file from Takemod.com, we verify that the appropriate APK file is available on Google Play and let them do so (of course they are cached on our server). If Google Play does not have the APK file, it can be retrieved in our cache.


We've introduced you to the apps and video games you love. It is always our intention to provide you with top-notch applications and video games. In order to avoid confusion, we would like to emphasize that we will only offer the original, unaltered Kaguya Player APK.

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