AccuBattery Pro APK Mod 2.1.2 (No Ads)

admin - 2022/08/26

Download AccuBattery Pro APK Mod to manage your device intelligently. This app safeguards battery health and displays scientifically based battery usage and capacity data.

Name Accu​Battery
Updated August 19, 2021, 12:00 am
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 2.1.2
Size 11M
MOD No Ads
Category Tools
Developer Digibites
Price Free
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What is AccuBattery Pro APK Mod?

Many people are still unaware of the distinction between the standard and professional battery versions. If you haven't tried the pro version of accubattery yet, now is the time. People usually ignore the pro version, but you can unlock everything, including premium features, access, and additional tools, to use it. These developers ensured that this version was adequate and superior to the standard version. Normally, you must pay a fee to use accubattery Pro on your smartphone, but this is not the case with this apk.

accubattery pro apk

Certain premium features will already be available in this version. For example, you can easily optimize the battery level of your smartphone and use it without issue. The Accubattery pro version has everything a regular user would expect from a premium app; if you haven't tried it yet, now is the time. The user interface, design, and other aspects of this pro version of Battery have been greatly improved.

Fantastic features of AccuBattery Pro APK Mod 2022

The following are all of the app's exciting features:

Always keep your battery's health in mind.

Android users can easily check their battery status and ensure the battery's health with Accu Battery. As previously stated, the app will actively work to maintain an ideal charging cycle of only 80%. As a result, you can extend the battery life of your device. Use the alarm feature to be notified whenever you need to turn off the charger. You can also see how much battery percentage was lost during your charging session, which is extremely useful for monitoring.

You can easily monitor your battery usage.

Furthermore, with the live monitoring option, Accu Battery users can easily check on their battery statuses, battery usages, and other useful information. Please feel free to use the app to calculate battery usage per app and learn how to customize your app usages to increase battery life. The app will also show you how much time you have left on your battery before it runs out.

accubattery pro apk 2022

This can be done in both active and standby mode. You can also see how many times your device was awakened from deep sleep. When you use and charge the devices, it will calibrate the in-depth battery usage with accurate mAh measurements. As a result, you'll have a much clearer picture.

At any time, you can check the charging speed.

If you're interested, you can use the mobile app to find the fastest charger and USB cable for your current hub. You'll know exactly how fast your device is charging by accurately measuring the inputting current, both when the screen is on and off. The app will then tell you how long it will take to charge your phone completely. As a result, you can leave your phone charging and return later to properly discharge it.

Accu Battery measures actual battery capacity.

Accu Battery will provide you with real capacity in mAh to make the app more enjoyable. You can now see how much power your device is consuming or charging during each session. Keep track of the remaining use time as well, so your battery doesn't die at the wrong time.

Even when your device is turned off, it is active.

Even if your device is turned off, the app will continue to run. As a result, you can get an accurate estimate when charging or leaving your device in standby mode. And, thanks to the continuous notifications, you won't miss any important details of the charging process, as well as real-time battery management.

Have fun experimenting with the unique theme settings.

Those of you who are interested can now enjoy working with Accu Battery's useful theme settings, which will allow Android users to easily switch between themes.

accubattery pro apk download

To soothe your eyes while using the app at night, enable the Dark or AMOLED black themes. Alternatively, enable the Light theme to improve your morning vision. The various options are always available, allowing you to freely customize your devices.

Use the modded app on our website to its full potential.

Finally, with our modified version of Accu Battery now available on our website, Android users can really enjoy the awesome mobile app and take advantage of all of its features without having to pay anything. We provide an ad-free application for you to enjoy, and the unlocked features ensure that you can work comfortably with the in-app settings. And all you have to do is download the Accu Battery Mod APK, follow the instructions, and you should have the app on your devices in no time.

How to Get AccuBattery Pro APK Mod download?

Many people are looking for ways to make their batteries last longer. One method is to use AccuBattery Pro Mod Apk, which can be downloaded and installed on your Android device.

This mod lets you monitor your battery's remaining life, receive notifications when it's time to charge, and even has a cool widget that lets you control which apps run in the background. 

  • To begin, uninstall the current Accubattery Pro from your smartphone.
  • Then, using the download link provided below, obtain the Accubattery Pro.
  • After you've downloaded the Accubattery Pro MOD APK file, navigate to Android Settings > Security.
  • Turn on the 'Unknown Sources' option, which will prompt you for permission to install third-party apps. Allow it.
  • Return to the download folder and double-click the Accubattery Pro APK file to begin installation.
  • Enjoy!

Final Words

accubattery pro apk no ads

These are the various features available when you install AccuBattery Pro APK Mod on your phone. Many people have complained about their smartphones, claiming that they run out of battery power or lose weight on a daily basis due to excessive use. 

When confronted with such a problem, it is best to install a program like this. Despite the fact that the market is flooded with these applications, they are without a doubt the best. So, if you've never used a professional battery before, now's the time to get one, plug it in, and dive in.

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