Button Fever Mod APK 6.1.0 (Unlimited money)

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Many people work every day to generate income that they can use to support themselves. But what if you can simply make money by multitasking?
Download Button Fever Mod APK - Unlimited money - In the game Button Fever Mod Apk, you can gain points by simultaneously clicking several buttons. To earn money, the goal is to put, combine, and click on buttons.

Name Button Fever
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 6.1.0
Size 57.4 MB
MOD Unlimited money
Category Puzzle
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

About Button Fever Mod APK Unlimited money

The puzzle-themed game Button Fever Mod APK is provided by Rollic Games. To make money, it challenges you to combine as many buttons as you can. The merging controls are straightforward drag-and-drop operations, which makes the gameplay simple to comprehend.

button fever mod apk download

The UI of the game is vibrant and contains basic graphics. The buttons come in a variety of colors and sizes. Playing the game is made entertaining and thrilling in this way. The upbeat music effects will keep you inspired throughout the entire game.

Better still, this game requires very little memory. It can be easily installed on any Android 4.4+ handset and is only 132 MB in size. Playing the game won't cause your phone to overheat or lag at all!

Feature of Button Fever Mod Apk

Buttons to connect and advance levels

In Button Fever, in order to get a result and fill out the complete field, the user needs click a lot. You will have a button with the number 1 on it to start. When you repeatedly tap on it, you'll find that you've amassed enough money to buy another button. Now add two units together to create a d6. This button will be slightly larger and occupy multiple places at once. The "4" button, which functions similarly to the Space key, will be even wider. As a result, you must click on various keys to win virtual money. When you completely fill the playing field, the level will be finished.

Boost your keyboard skills

Because simply clicking would be so monotonous, the creators of Button Fever decided to include a pumping component. Three upgrades will be able to compete for your attention during the game. First, you can still make money even if you are not using the application. Both the amount of money collected and the pace of keystrokes can be pumped.

button fever mod apk android

All of this costs money, and certain upgrades require you to watch a commercial, which there are a lot of.

As much as you can, tap.

It is clearly clear to you that the system functions mostly independently of your input. You only need clicks. To speed up the entire process, only one button can be pressed. The exact advertisement that offers you a variety of benefits will be encountered here. For a brief time, you can give yourself a double reward and the full range of speed. You will need to watch a few videos for this, though.

Images and audio

We're confident that this project will enable you to unwind after a long day of work. You are guaranteed to feel good feelings because to the project's graphic style, which sets the proper mood.

Mod Features

It is a clicker game, which is an established category in the Play Store. Because Button Fever is a clicker game, all you have to do to make money is tap the buttons.

The earning potential for each button is displayed. You can get more money the more you tap. As long as you don't grow weary, you can continue doing this indefinitely.

Unlimited button unlocking is possible as long as you have the necessary funds. But the majority of your money will go back towards purchasing more buttons.

To increase your income, you'll need to continuously merge and enhance your buttons. You can unlock a variety of buttons at this place.

As you tap, you'll accrue wealth that you may use to enhance. You can improve, though, to increase your revenue more quickly. You may improve your earnings, button speed, and offline earning with Button Fever.

button fever mod apk all levels unlocked

These things will cost more to update again as you keep upgrading them. However, if you don't upgrade, it will take a while for you to make a lot of money.

Get free buttons: By watching video commercials on Button Fever, you can obtain some free buttons. You can progressively raise your buttons by exchanging a little bit of your time! This is a fantastic deal, particularly if you want to make a lot of money.

How to get Button Fever Mod Apk download?

I'll walk you through using the Button Fever Mod Apk Unlimited Money on your phone in just 4 easy steps after you've finished downloading it:

Step 1: Download Button Fever.apk to your device.

Any of the download mirrors listed below can be used to accomplish this right now. It is 99% certain to work. Make careful to transfer the Apk to your Android smartphone after downloading it on a computer.

Step 2: Allow third-party apps on your smartphone

You must make sure that third-party apps are currently allowed to be used as an installation source before you can install the Button Fever.apk. To enable the installation of programs from sources other than the Google Play Store on your phone, simply go to Menu > Settings > Security > and tick Unknown Sources.

button fever mod apk all characters unlocked

On Android 8.0 Oreo, you will be prompted to allow your browser or file manager to install APKs the first time you try to do so rather than having to tick a global setting to allow installation from unknown sources.

Step 3: Open your browser or file manager.

The Button Fever.apk file you just downloaded must now be found.

You can also download a file manager app from this page if you want to quickly find files on your Android device.

Once you've found the Button Fever.apk file, simply click it to launch the standard installation procedure. When prompted, simply tap "Yes." But make sure to read all of the on-screen instructions.

Step 4: Your device now has Button Fever installed. Enjoy!


Button Fever Mod Apk is a fantastic option for anyone who appreciate visually appealing time-wasters where you have to finish a lot of chores while just having fun. This game is perfect if you want to put your reaction and stamina to the test.

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