Cookie Run Kingdom APK Mod 3.8.302 (Unlimited money, gems)

admin - 2022/10/20

Download Cookie Run Kingdom APK Mod 2022 - Unlimited Money, Gems - gives you new adventures and fights that take place in the sweetest world of the Android universe.

Name Cookie Run: Kingdom
Updated October 14, 2022, 12:00 am
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 3.8.302
Size 108GB
MOD Unlimited money, gems
Category Role Playing
Developer Devsisters Corporation
Price Free
Google Play Link

Introducing Cookie Run Kingdom APK Mod

Playing mobile games is enjoyable, to be loyal. With the Cookie Run Kingdom APK Mod unlimited gems series of games, Devsisters Corporation, a very well-known Korean game developer, has achieved great success on this platform. The form, gameplay, and experience of every game in the series is unique. Prominent among them must be Cookie Run Kingdom APK Mod download

The realm of confections, where the world's sweetest and tastiest confections congregate, is the subject of the tale. The kingdom of candy once found itself in peril after being subjected to an aggressive onslaught by hideous monsters. The strongest heroes of the realm fell to the ferocious monster sieges. They kept getting stronger, and if nothing got in their way, eventually the entire kingdom would be in flames. The kingdom's lone remaining warrior and its only hope is you.

Feature of Cookie Run Kingdom APK Mod latest version


Sweet yet equally dramatic. Your first impression of Cookie Run Kingdom APK Mod unlimited money will be "brilliant but not without a few crazy, ferocious moments." As a skilled commander, you will look for, assemble, train, and direct your heroes as they travel the kingdom in quest of and against monsters.

You go through a variety of huge locations in the realm of candy in Cookie Run Kingdom APK Mod 2022. A sequence of strong animals will be encountered in each land, and each one will end with a super big boss. In general, if you succeed in this region, you can access the following one. There is no way to turn around, therefore you can only move forward.

Along with the main objective of recruiting soldiers and battling monsters, Cookie Run Kingdom APK Mod free download also features hundreds of "attached" activities that range in difficulty from easy to challenging depending on the player's level. Sometimes it's just picking an upgrade to add back to your character, and other times it's special quests that show up as unique seasonal events so you may go on the hunt for characters and goods. new. However, there are moments when the "attachment" uses a lot of energy by making you face a huge monster with a horrifying amount of power that is distinct from the bosses you are fighting in each scenario.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, the leader must also have construction skills in addition to battling skills. It is insufficient to fight all day long since, after the monsters are driven away, they will retaliate by attacking somewhere else and destroying it.

Therefore, you must mix building and reconstruction projects while also fighting for the kingdom. In order for the nation to have a chance to quickly rebuild itself and become rich after defeating the monsters. This construction process is broken down into numerous separate works. Each structure has a distinct purpose. For instance, the region used to manufacture weapons, make equipment to enhance warriors, or extract resources for the kingdom. The building process happens concurrently with the fighting. The warriors' upgrades will go more smoothly and rapidly if the construction pace is maintained. Weapons, good gear, enough speed, and greater chances of victory are all available.

Deep but enjoyable role-playing

This Battle RPG includes a strong warrior cast. Not just due to the confectioners' adorable and vibrant appearances, but also due to the tremendous strength each character possesses. Each fighter will have unique benefits and drawbacks. We'll have various classes for every character in the game, following the same role-playing model as traditional RPGs:

Warrior: strong attacking potential; typically at the head of the squad. specializes in high physical damage, close attack, and close armor. Lots of blood is a plus.

Gunner: are fictional heroes skilled with firearms, arrows, and crossbows. specializes in long-range strikes and has a high rate of damage output. Cons: Limited health and flexibility.

Mage: able to perform spells and do enormous damage. The wizard will aid his allies in forming favorable effects or formations during combat so they can successfully encircle the adversary.

Assassins: The sisters and confectioners of this class have the fastest attack rates, and if they land a deadly blow, they are guaranteed to prevail. The health is likewise quite low, and the damage range is very small.

Download Cookie Run Kingdom APK Mod

  1. Go to the Settings menu's "Unknown Sources" section. Next, select the Security menu and activate the Security option.
  2. You can find App by clicking on it in the download manager on your Android device. Now is the appropriate time for you to begin the download.
  3. Two options are presented to you on the mobile device's screen. You only need to boot up your Android device as quickly as possible to begin one of two methods for installing an operating system.
  4. On the screen of your mobile device, you'll see a popup with a number of options. You'll have to wait; you won't notice it immediately now.
  5. Once everything has finished downloading and installing, all that's left to do is choose "Open" to bring up the screen on your mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

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As soon as the most recent version has been downloaded, the application will begin automatically updating itself.


The main protagonists and the antagonists are all cute and want to bite you in this role-playing fighting game that combines appealing and original structure (literally). Monsters are adorable and colorful, while heroes are all different sorts of candies. Every hero has an own voiceover, and the bosses do too. There are numerous dazzling lights burning in every conflict. Play it constantly and you'll still have fun. Is this the rationale for so many of you resolving to quit the grim role-playing games and come back to this delightful and new world.

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