FL Studio Mobile Mod APK 4.5.9 (Pro Version Unlocked)

admin - 2023/11/11

FL Studio Mobile stands as a cutting-edge music app equipped with a comprehensive array of professional tools for editing and mixing. It proves to be an invaluable resource for beginners venturing into music composition, offering the flexibility to modify, merge, and trim tracks effortlessly through its intelligent functions

Updated November 7, 2023, 12:00 am
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Last version 4.5.9
Size 238.14 MB
MOD Pro Version Unlocked
Category Music
Developer Image-Line
Price Free
Google Play Link


The FL Studio Mobile app has garnered acclaim for its precise sound analysis capabilities. Harness the power of Auto Ducker, Auto Pitch, Equalizer, and Variator to eliminate noise and explore a vast array of captivating soundscapes. Dive into the realm of possibilities with features like High Bass, Tuner, Flanger, and Reverb, turning your musical aspirations into reality within this compact yet feature-rich app. The control panel provides insights into sound intensity and rapid changes, allowing users to preview completed music segments before moving forward.


FL Studio Mobile offers comprehensive instrument support, ranging from rock and percussion to keyboard, bass, guitar, and drums. Each instrument is accompanied by an effects panel, enabling users to finely tune and mix sounds to their liking. Create dynamic tracks by combining various sounds, with the app's intelligent storage recalling recently mixed parts. The MiniSynth, featuring intuitive keyboard shortcuts, provides a visually appealing interface for crafting music. The high-quality synthesizer incorporates sound-filtering systems and an extensive library of impressive loops.


Seamlessly export your creations from FL Studio Mobile to WAV, MP3, AAC, and MIDI formats, allowing you to share your musical creations with friends and family. The app automates and streamlines the process of music playback, eliminating the need to follow the same steps repeatedly. The support table offers a plethora of creative ideas for rhythm and melody. The Mixer introduces novel volume effects, enabling users to modify the pitch of bass sounds. Thanks to a unique MIDI upgrade, users can swiftly import and export large mixes.


Experience a sophisticated interface with a rating table and visually pleasing aesthetics through a user-friendly design. The notepad, integrated with a music control panel, ensures that no creative ideas are lost during the writing process. Plan, modify, and present your musical concepts with precision. Enjoy top-notch sound quality and a virtual piano keyboard with high-resolution visuals. Whether using a full-screen Chromebook with Touch, Trackpad, or mouse features, sharing your music becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience for those around you.


  • Diverse Virtual Instruments: Explore a range of virtual instruments and drum samples, including pianos, keyboards, synths, drums, and percussion.

  • Audio Recording and Editing: Record and edit audio effortlessly using microphone input, and import audio files seamlessly from your device or cloud storage.

  • Intuitive Interface: Enjoy a user-friendly interface featuring a step sequencer for crafting drum patterns, a piano roll for composing melodies, and a playlist for organizing and arranging your tracks.

  • Built-in Effects: Shape your sound with built-in effects such as reverb, delay, and EQ, providing creative control over your musical creations.

  • Mixing and Mastering Tools: Take advantage of tools like a mixer, compressor, and limiter to mix and master your tracks, ensuring a polished and professional sound.

  • Save and Export: Save your projects effortlessly and export them as audio files, enabling easy sharing or further editing on alternative devices.

  • Compatibility with MIDI Controllers: Connect with various external MIDI controllers to integrate physical instruments and controllers seamlessly into the app, enhancing your music creation and editing experience.

Guide to Download and Install FL STUDIO MOBILE Mod APK

To acquire the FL STUDIO MOBILE Mod APK, follow these steps on Take Mod. Ensure that the "Unknown Sources" option is enabled on your device.

  1. Click the provided link to initiate the FL STUDIO MOBILE mod APK download.

  2. Save the downloaded file to your device's Downloads folder.

  3. Proceed to install by tapping on the saved file, and patiently await the completion of the installation process.

  4. Once the installation is successful, launch the application and start enjoying the experience immediately.

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