Guardian Tales Mod APK 2.93.0 (God Mode)

admin - 2022/11/24

Download the Guardian Tales Mod APK player into the chaotic world of Kanterbury. There is a lot of war going on here between the invading army, domestic insurgents and your soldiers.

Name Guardian Tales
Updated November 8, 2022, 12:00 am
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 2.93.0
Size 200MB
MOD God Mode
Category Action
Developer Kakao Games Corp.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Included in Guardian Tales Mod APK

People are going to be curious in what makes Guardian Tales Mod APK, which is a fantastic Japanese role-playing game, so exciting. At this point, each and every one of its aspects becomes relevant. If these components were missing, the game would be nothing more than a repetitive JRPG and hero collection app available on the App Store.

Guardian Tales mod APK

In any event, this is not the situation at all. When considering this game as an option, have a look at the following various features:

Combat using strategy requires you to carefully plan out each step with your three-hero squad. Make adjustments to your team based on the talents and fighting styles of its members in order to construct the most effective teams feasible for the circumstance.

Try Your Hand at Some Puzzles: Each of the Levels Will Have Specific Goals for You to Achieve! However, the steps that need to be taken in order to effectively complete them may not be entirely obvious. As a result, it is up to you to find solutions to the many riddles that are included inside each level. The use of explosives, the shifting of things, and the uncovering of new and secret pathways are all examples of this.

In addition to the standard objectives requiring you to solve puzzles, you'll also be tasked with battling your way through dungeons and taking on tough bosses. You will face a challenging boss at the conclusion of each dungeon that you explore. You have nothing to worry about since your mighty heroes will prevent any threat from overwhelming you.

Guardian Tales mod APK download

Acquire Heroes and Weapons: With over 50 unique heroes and 100 distinct weapons, there is always space to modify, strategize, and personalize your combat style. Collecting Heroes and Weapons will allow you to do just that. Each character and weapon has their own set of distinct characteristics and skills that help them excel in combat.

You are responsible for customizing your base, which serves as a refuge for all heroes. It is a floating island castle in the middle of nowhere. Be careful to customize it in the manner that best suits your needs. Have a hilarious and goofy looking base, or a cool fortress, as your home base.

When you go online using MultiPlay, you need be sure to put together the most powerful party possible, consisting of three distinct fighters. Enter the arena and do battle with the other players in real time! After all of the battles are over, you and your companions may take a respite from the action by signing up for a Guild. Build a base of operations out of your Guild house by personalizing it together and using it.

Simply having access to these features is more than enough to keep gamers engaged for hours while yet leaving them wanting more.


Guardian Tales looks fantastic. The inclusion of images in a 2D anime-style is very much appreciated in mobile devices. Not only that, but the game's visuals are of a high quality, and it also has high-definition graphics, which makes it a good match for home consoles.

Guardian Tales mod APK free download

During the whole time you are playing, you will have feelings of ecstasy and amusement.

Unlimited Money and Gems Available in the Guardian Tales Mod APK

Gain a competitive advantage over the other players! It's possible that you've just started playing, but there are probably already a lot of seasoned players all over the place. Therefore, the easiest thing to do would be to update to the most recent version of the game. You will be able to compete with the experts in no time at all if you use these timesaving techniques.

The following benefits are available to you if you download this application:

  • Downloading and setting up should go smoothly and quickly.
  • You may save money on storage space by reducing the file size.

Therefore, you are aware of which version you should get. Proceed at your own pace and have pleasure in the game.

Guardian Tales mod APK god mode

Install the most recent version of the Guardian Tales Mod APK onto your Android device without wasting any more time and get started playing right now.

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