Jikage Rising Mod APK 1.22d (Unlimited money)

admin - 2022/12/06

Want to play with lots of hot women? That's really possible, just download the Jikage Rising Mod APK - Unlimited money and enjoy - the fun with beautiful women.

Name Jikage Rising
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.22d
Size 782 MB
MOD Unlimited money
Category Simulation
Developer Smiling Dog
Price Free

About Jikage Rising APK

Jikage Rising Mod APK is one of the many games inspired by the anime series Naruto. The popularity of the Naruto anime is indeed able to attract many parties, including game developers.

It is noted that there are lots of Android games that were created because they were inspired by the most popular anime series Naruto. Call it, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

So, what differentiates Jikage Rising Mod APK from other Naruto games? Without further ado, just look at the typical Mod Combo review below.

Jikage Rising Mod APK

For anime connoisseurs, playing anime-themed games is indeed a special preoccupation. Apart from not being boring because it is wrapped in an interesting storyline. Games adapted from anime series usually present scenes that are very familiar to weeaboos.

Jikage Rising Mod APK is a game that raises the Naruto series as gameplay. Unlike the Naruto series which can be enjoyed by all groups, Jikage Rising Mod APK can only be enjoyed by adults and is not intended for minors.

Why? Because, this game presents a lot of adult content. Even so, some things in this game are not far from the original anime. Where the background of the place and the characters are still related to Naruto.

If you read the title, maybe you will think that Jikage Rising Mod APK is an action fighting game. But make no mistake, the latest version of Jikage Rising Mod APK is not a fighting game but an adult simulation game.

The clan is dominated by women so you need to conquer it by building interactions, building trust and then winning their hearts until your goal is achieved.

In the Jikage Rising Mod APK your task is to revive the clan as well as control all the women living in the village of Konoha.

To start with you can do the disguise and then master their bodies. You need to do special techniques so that women want and believe in you and want to do everything you tell them to do.

You have to physically interact with the women in the village. The physical interaction in question is having a rather vulgar relationship.

There are also quite a number of women you can interact with, including Tsunade, Temari, Ino, Konan, Sakura, Hinata, Kurenai, Tenten, Karin, and many more. You can meet not only other female characters in the Naruto anime in this game.

Emotionally this game can bring back memories of the times when you first watched the Naruto series. Interestingly, in this game there are lots of features and items that you can enjoy for free.

Features of Jikage Rising Mod APK

In a game, features are of course the main thing, including the Rising Mod APK. You could say the features presented by this game are very simple.

However, even though it's simple, if you use it correctly, this feature can optimize your game. Here are the features that you can enjoy while playing the newest Bilage Rising Mod APK game 2022.

Unlimited Money

Is there anything more important than unlimited money? In games that implement IAP, unlimited money seems to be a pleasant breeze from heaven. Just imagine, how much money do you have to spend to buy necessities, such as characters, items, skins in the game?

However, with unlimited money available on the Jikage Rising Mod APK you can use all premium items and features for free without having to pay real money.

Entertaining Stories

A game is said to be good if it is supported by a good storyline too. That's what happened to Jikage Rising Mod APK 2022. You can say that this game is good because it is supported by quite an entertaining storyline.

Moreover, the story that is presented cannot be separated from the sexy women who are ready to serve your orders. As a simulation game, it doesn't limit the activities you want to do with your girlfriends.

Attractive Graphics

Speaking of appearance, the graphic quality presented by Jikage Rising Mod APK is quite okay. Even though the graphics that are served are still inferior to other games, they don't interfere with the game at all.

Every character in this game also looks very good with Naruto's unique colors and animations. The characters presented also have strong personalization.

No Ads

Apart from unlimited money, if you use the Jikage Rising Mod APK then you will not find ads that appear suddenly when you play games. This is of course very profitable because you can play quietly without interruption.

Download Jikage Rising Mod APK

As one ma not the most popular, adapting the Naruto series into a video game has indeed become a heavy burden for developers. Floaters are required not to disappoint the players who are none other than Naruto fans.

The best part of this game is that things related to Naruto are packed very well. Admittedly, to be able to understand the gameplay of Jikage Rising Mod APK you might need hours.

However, if you really understand then you can really enjoy your time and have fun in your own way through this game.


Those of you who have never seen or played Naruto-themed games might think that the Bilage Rising Mod APK game is the same as other games. But, for those of you who have played Naruto-inspired games, the Bilage Rising Mod APK game is a game that true Naruto fans deserve to play.

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