Lachit Borphukan APK Mod 1.0 (Unlimited money)

admin - 2022/11/21

You may enhance your learning experience by installing the Lachit Borphukan APK and making full use of this helpful educational tool. Learn more about the mythical hero, Lachit Borphukan, and his exploits.

Name Lachit Borphukan
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.0
Size 7M
MOD Unlimited money
Category Educational
Developer AMTRON
Price Free

A Brief Explanation of the Lachit Borphukan APK

People may learn about the history of the mythical Lachit Borphukan with the use of an amazing educational application called Lachit Borphukan APK. Users will be exposed to new and different information and knowledge as a result of using this program.

In honor of Lachit Borphukan's 400th birthday anniversary, a mobile application known as the Lachit Borphukan APK android application was developed for use on Android devices. The administration of Hassam came to the conclusion that spreading awareness and education about him would be the most appropriate approach to pay tribute to and commemorate him. Because the majority of people are unaware of the significance of his history, you may get further knowledge about it by using this application. 

lachit borphukan apk android

Users have said that this program provided them with useful information, and if you download the Lachit Borphukan APK, you will be able to get further knowledge of this well-known hero.

Because new information on Lachit Borphukan's past is always being uncovered, the Lachit Borphukan APK for android is an app that is going to continue to keep being updated with fresh information in order to stay up with it. If you have been following his narrative and are interested in learning more, it is crucial that you download the most current version of the Lachit Borphukan APK. 

This will provide you access to all of the most recent files as well as further updates on him. Always make sure the program has the most recent update. The program was built by AMTRON, a well-known mobile application business that is recognized for generating other educational apps. The most recent version was issued on November 19, 2022, and the application was developed by AMTRON. It is an application that was developed with the purpose of enlightening people on the knowledge and history of the Ahom kingdom. Learning is open to people of all ages, therefore anybody may take use of the features offered by this program.

The price of this program has been removed, so users who are interested in beginning to make use of it do not need to be concerned about having to pay anything in order to download and install it on their own personal devices. The free APK download for Lachit Borphukan may be obtained from this page, and it can be immediately installed. Before you can use this program, all you need is a device that is capable of operating properly and is compatible with it, as well as adequate storage space on your mobile device to save it.

Exciting Characteristics That You Should Keep an Eye Out For:

Because it has so many different functionalities, using this program will never get boring for the user. Among them are the following, which are among some of them:

Dive into history:

Dive into the past with this informative application that educates users about the history of the Ahom kingdom and the life of its most renowned hero. Lachit Borphukan was a ferocious commander who hailed from the Kingdom of Ahom, which was located in a region of India known as Assam. During his tenure in power, he was widely recognized as being among the most effective leaders who had ever held the throne. Although he participated in a number of conflicts and engagements, the one in which he had a leading role, the Battle of Saraighat, which took place in 1671, is what is most remembered about him. Because winning this fight would mean gaining their independence, the soldiers who participated in it did so with great pride and bravery. The Mughal armies, who were commanded by Ramsingh, made an attempt to seize control of the Ahom kingdom. 

lachit borphukan apk download

However, thanks to the efforts of Lachit Borphukan and the Ahom people's resistance, the fight was won and the Ahom people were able to maintain their independence. Despite the fact that the legendary Indian hero passed away due to illness a year later, everyone continues to celebrate him, and the government wants everyone to remember the legacy that he left behind. When individuals use this program, they are continually reminded and educated about his life and the ways in which he changed the world.

Updates will be made on a continuous basis, since the creators of this program want to continually expand its functionality by adding additional biographies, articles, and other musings on the man's life. History can never be completely uncovered; so, when new knowledge about his life and the work that he undertook emerges, we learn more about his history. The application will be revised to include it with the new essays in the near future. You have to make sure that you consistently download the most recent version of the program so that you don't lose out on any important new information about the life of this well-known Indian hero.

Please share your opinions with me:

This program is particularly welcoming to users, and it encourages everyone to provide their own perspectives about the history of Lachit borphukan. You are welcome to provide written evaluations and feedback about the commander, and you are able to publish this information on the application. Through the use of this, you will not only be able to appropriately explain yourself and your emotions, but you will also be able to take pleasure in reading the perspectives and evaluations of other individuals on the subject. The developers of this program have individually solicited input from each and every user that makes use of this application.


Once you have provided your views and ideas on the Matter, you will be eligible to get certification from the state government. This is one of the many unique features that this app has to offer. You will be able to apply for certification after you have made public your views and emotions about the subject matter and have followed all of the essential processes to submit your ideas into the application.

lachit borphukan apk free download

The developers of this program focused mostly on imparting information to users and instructing them on aspects of history that they would not normally study in the course of a regular day. It has been made available without charge, and there is no need to pay for any kind of membership in order to have access to this application and receive new installments in the tale.

Useful Lachit Borphukan APK Hints and Instructions for Features

In order for users to get the most out of this application, we have compiled a list of important recommendations and suggestions that will improve their overall experience when using the program.

To begin, this application will continuously receive updates, and its developers will add new content. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that users always update their installation of the application to the most recent version. This will ensure that they are always in possession of the most recent updates and information.

Once again, it is recommended that you make use of the certificate that the government makes available. You will obtain a certificate from the state government if you participate in the process, which is quite easy to do and just requires you to express your opinion on the matter.

Last but not least, given that it is history, it may be difficult to get down all the information by simply reading it; thus, it may be good for users to carry a pen and a note to take down critical information points so that they won't lose out on crucial key elements.

lachit borphukan

This application may be used in a variety of additional ways to get the most out of what it has to offer. However, in order to make your time spent using the app more fun and fulfilling, I have a few suggestions for you.


People who are interested in history and want to know more will be excited by Lachit Borphukan since it is a fascinating historical artifact. Plunge into the realm of this renowned commander to learn more about his exploits and the hard wars he fought on behalf of the kingdom of Ahom.