Paradise Lost Mod APK 1.0.30 (Unlimited money and gems)

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Download Paradise Lost Mod APK - Unlimited Coins and Gems - for a truly immersive Otome gaming experience with multiple possible endings. It features seven very sociable characters and each character has some unique characteristics.

Name Paradise Lost: Otome Game
Updated April 24, 2022, 12:00 am
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.0.30
Size 119MB
MOD Unlimited money and gems
Category Simulation
Developer Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Price Free
Google Play Link

About Paradise Lost Mod APK

Buff Studio's interactive visual novel Otome game Paradise Lost Mod APK is a visual novel game that players may interact with (Story Games, Calm Games). It includes in-depth ikemen with very realistic conversation encounters and a variety of different ending games.

Paradise Lost Mod APK

The narrative of the video game focuses on the main heroine, who undergoes a transformation that takes her to a another planet, where she is met by hunky guys and their stories. To solve the puzzles of this new world and find her way back home, she will need to forge relationships with the people she meets along the journey.

You are presented with a number of decisions along the course of the narrative, each of which may have an effect on the conclusion reached. You may create ties with the various Ikemen through interacting with them, and these bonds will decide your interactions with them.

Because to the game's adaptability, each run through the game will be unique from the others, based on the decisions and actions you do. You will also have the opportunity to participate in mysterious occurrences as you travel around this planet.

Background Story for the Mod APK Version of Paradise Lost

The story of the game begins when the main character you control awakens on an idyllic island. She was approached by six individuals with odd appearances, and she formed relationships with them very immediately. They are as follows:

  • Lucas. A tranquil and kind individual who makes it a point to look for the best in other people. He is always willing to provide a hand to his pals and takes on leadership responsibilities inside the group.
  • Brian. You have known this person since childhood, and the two of you have a unique connection. He is committed, constantly there for you, and looks out for your best interests above everything else. Do you feel that you can always count on him to have your back?
  • Kai. A passionate and upbeat individual who looks for the bright side of everything and constantly attempts to envision the best possible outcome. He is driven to right wrongs and does all in his power to assist those in need. On the other hand, he is quite reserved, and he often has trouble expressing his emotions.
  • Levi. This individual is psychotic, belligerent, and too protective of those they care about. He often has out of control emotions that he is unable to stifle. Because he believes that everyone is trying to get him, he has an extremely low opinion of other people.
  • Gigi. This elusive woman keeps her private thoughts to herself at all times, making her a highly enigmatic character. She might be a bit rash at times, but she has a kind heart and will always make an effort to assist people who are in need.
  • Jaqueline. This is a mystery figure who is also very thoughtful, and they are resolved to guard you in every way possible. Because she is not a talkative person, you will need to spend some time with her in order to comprehend the reasons behind her actions.

The more time you spend with these folks and learn about their histories, the more you understand that this paradise isn't quite as beautiful as it first seems to be. You also find out that there is a route back home, and depending on the decisions you make, she will either be able to return or she will not.

Paradise Lost Mod APK download

You are need to make choices that have repercussions on the lives of the many Ikemen as you attempt to determine how to return back home. Your conversations with the people in the game will not only teach you more about yourself, but also about the trip you are on and the things in life that are most important.

Will you have the opportunity to develop platonic or romantic connections while playing Paradise Lost APK? You have the option of developing relationships with certain NPCs or remaining emotionally distant from everyone else. Always keep in mind that there are repercussions to every decision.

Unique Features of Paradise Lost APK Mod

  • Different Ikemen Routes. This game contains seven dashing male protagonists, each of them has a unique personality, history, and path through the story. Your decisions will bring about one-of-a-kind occurrences for each playable character. As they get closer to you, you have the option of engaging in conversation with them or turning away from them. You should give serious consideration to the repercussions of your actions since they might go in a variety of directions.
  • Conversations that are quite interesting. The conversations you have with the people in the game are quite thorough, giving you the impression that you are really having these conversations with them. They will be interested in learning about you, your life, and your perspective on the situation. They will also ask questions to learn more about you and to figure out what aspects of the primary character are the most significant to them. You may be certain that you will be amused by their smart remarks, hilarious comments, and caustic humor. This much is certain.
  • Beautiful Illustrations. This game was developed with graphics and aesthetics that will blow your mind in order to retain your interest. Every one of the characters has a unique animation style that is very lifelike and convincing. You will be mesmerized by the intricate artwork and backdrop pictures, which combine to create an immersive and exciting gaming experience for you.
  • A Vast Assortment of Different Outcomes. This game has a number of alternative conclusions, so each time you play it, you'll have the opportunity to go on an entirely unique adventure. There is always something new to look forward to with the Paradise Lost APK since you may uncover new events with each and every game.
  • Numerous Episodes & Chapters. Every new game begins with the first episode, but as you make progress in the game, additional chapters will become available to you to play. These episodes include fresh content, such as events and decisions, which may lead to a variety of endings. As you go through each chapter of this engaging game, you will get more comprehension of the individuals and the events that have transpired in their lives.

Specifications for Your Computer and Other Background Material

Paradise Lost Mod APK free download

This game performs best on Android versions 5.0 and above. A minimum of 2 gigabytes of random access memory is required for smooth and lag-free gaming. In addition to that, the installation of the game requires a minimum of 100 MB of free space on the device you're using.

Are you prepared to go out on an adventurous journey in the paradise? Download the Paradise Lost APK, and get ready to dive headfirst into a gorgeous world that's brimming with intrigue, passion, and excitement.

On the other hand, it's possible that you'll need to make in-app payments in order to unlock specific features and make more rapid advancements in the game. You will be able to pick how you want to play the game thanks to the fact that they range in price from $1.99 to $45.99 each item and are completely optional.

Download the Paradise Lost Mod APK here!

Downloading the Paradise Lost Mod APK unlimited money and gems version is the best way to speed up the process of unlocking all of the game's features. This will provide you with an infinite supply of resources, allowing you to advance quickly in the game and unlock everything you choose.

In addition to this, the Paradise Lost Mod APK for Android will unlock all of the levels as well as all of the characters, enabling you to finish the game much more quickly. Additionally, it eliminates advertisements, which results in a hassle-free and uninterrupted gaming experience.


The otome game known as Paradise Lost is loaded with intrigue, romance, and exciting new experiences. Fans of visual novels and otome games will find this to be the ideal game because of its compelling narrative, amazing images, and a variety of possible conclusions.

Paradise Lost Mod APK unlimited money and gem

You won't be able to take your eyes off the stunningly real visuals and attention-grabbing graphics from the very beginning, and you won't want to stop playing since the plot is so well-developed and interesting. Download the Paradise Lost MOD APK, and get ready to dive headfirst into a dazzling world filled with secrets, passion, and intrigue.

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