Paytm First Game Mod APK 1.3.7 (Unlimited money)

admin - 2022/08/09

Download Paytm First Game Mod APK 2022 to play on smartphones. The developer has launched this attractive game to satisfy the needs of players. Help people fight freely.

Name Paytm First Game
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.3.7
Size 33MB
MOD Unlimited money
Category Casual
Developer Camels game
Price Free

Paytm First Game Mod APK: What Is It?

As was already said, Paytm First Game Mod APK has created and published a brand-new, cutting-edge gaming platform for Android users in India who wish to make money by playing a variety of straightforward games on their device without having to install anything.

paytm first game mod apk

Gamers will have the opportunity to play the well-known card games teen Patti and rummy in this new app, which they can easily play alone against other players and win money by betting online directly from their app account.

A free match-making game will give players the opportunity to play the aforementioned games in pairs, whether they prefer to do so with members of their family, close friends, or complete strangers.


Free App

The installation of the game itself as well as the download of the mini-games via this program are both free of charge, as was already mentioned.

Additionally, each game will have a download icon next to it, allowing you to instantly begin the download if you have any interest in the game.

Additionally, this game will be updated daily with new games, and its library will always have more than 150 games.


By scrolling around the screen, which will load numerous games for you, you can switch between any game. The process of choosing and switching between games is simple and clear.


You can talk with actual pals all across the world using this app. You will be able to start conversing with other people who are using the same program all over the world.

Additionally, while chatting, you can challenge any of your friends to compete for your score; as a result, any of your friends can challenge you.

paytm first game mod apk download

This application is extremely impressive because it allows you to challenge each other while chatting to one another using only one tool.

Happy Spin

Every day, there will be a chance for you to try your luck by spinning the wheel of fortune. The prize that is generated once the wheel has spun will be added to your account.

You can obtain fortunate pints, coins, and bonus points by spinning the wheel of fortune. In addition, daily prizes will be added to your account after the application is opened. Additionally, your payout will grow if you finish the task in any mini-game.

Super Prizes

You may occasionally be able to receive giant prizes using the Paytm First Game Mod Apk. You will receive enticing incentives when completing any assignment, such as movie tickets, cash, telephone recharge, etc.

Your earned awards can be instantly converted into real money and mobile balance so you can complete the transaction.

There is also some good news for you, lover, if you like to shop. Using the gaming awards you've accumulated, you can buy a shopping coupon.

So that you may benefit in real life, you can use your prizes and coins to turn them into actual money.

Enter contests

Additionally, you can participate in any game's publicly published tournaments. As soon as the tournaments are posted, you can instantly sign up and begin receiving double bonuses for wins.

Additionally, you are never required to participate in the tournaments if you choose not to enter them.

Download Paytm First Game Mod APK

Install Paytm First Games Mod Apk 2022 on your smartphone if you're doing so. If you're utilizing Paytm First Games Mod Apk, it's definitely more easier for you to access. You can proceed by taking the following actions:

paytm first game mod apk everything unlocked

  • If you haven't already, turn on the Third Party Installation or Unknown Sources option. First, launch the Settings app.
  • Navigate to the Settings app's Security tab and choose it.
  • Now, you’ll notice the new list of Settings, and you need to search for the Unknown Resources or Third Party Installation toggle.
  • Toggle Third-Party Installation on. This won't compromise your security.
  • Now Return to the page and use the aforementioned download link to get the Paytm First Games APK.
  • You must now open the file in the system or third-party file manager application and navigate to the relevant download folder.
  • Look for the APK file you just downloaded and tap it.
  • You will now receive a prompt notification bar that will ask you to click on the Install button. Do so.
  • Sign up and have fun after that!
  • I'm done now. Very convenient. Right? We are promoting these incredible modified applications because of this.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I install my first game on Paytm please?

The simple answer is that you can download this software to your smartphone and browse our "How to download and install" section whenever you like.

Is Paytm First Games cost free?

Answer: Yes, but only until the beginning; after that, you can add money to play any game.

What games are available in Paytm's initial game?

Answer - If you enjoy fantasy sports, you can play fantasy cricket, fantasy football, or fantasy kabaddi. The First Games app offers domestic and international matches for these three sports, allowing you to build your own fantasy team, compete for cash rewards, and move up the rankings.

Is Paytm First Games Mod APK legitimate?

How to Tell If Paytm First Games Are Real: If you're looking for a fast review of the Paytm First Games App, we can tell you that it is currently legitimate and paying its customers in accordance with their winnings.

Is Paytm First Games a secure website?

paytm first game mod apk free download

The Paytm First Games application is completely secure and protected. But if you want to profit from it, your id verification is crucial. You must validate your phone number, email address, and personal identification card in order to withdraw your money.


Undoubtedly a collection of modest mobile applications on one platform, Paytm First Game Mod Apk. Installing this application will provide you access to additional perks and the chance to make actual money from it.

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