Project Clean Earth Mod APK v1.8 (All unlocked)

admin - 2022/09/26

For a mind bending experience, download Project Clean Earth Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version. You must do your part to rescue the environment since it is under danger.

Name Project Clean Earth
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version v1.8
Size 80 MB
MOD All unlocked
Category Role Playing
Developer 1N1
Price Free

Concerning Project Clean Earth Mod APK Android

Project Clean Earth Mod APK all unlocked, as the name implies, sends you on a terrifying mission to rid the planet of harmful mutants. The story begins when new, some very dangerous life forms emerged as a result of an unexplained radiation.

project clean earth mod apk

The main character of Project Clean Earth Mod APK download, Benard, is trying to clean up the planet. Since everyone else has changed into a mutant, he is the only person who is sober. Killing the mutants and fulfilling various chores will further Benard's quest.

To create a compelling and difficult experience, Project Clean Earth Mod APK free mixes Slash and Roguelike gameplay features. It has levels that are generated at random, so you never know what will happen next.

What's more, the game has vintage pixel graphics that add to its nostalgic charm. The chiptune soundtrack also contributes to the retro atmosphere. Download Project Clean Earth Mod APK latest version and help Benard preserve the planet by doing so.

Feature of Project Clean Earth Mod APK max level 


You cannot use common weapons against the opponent in this game since they are not human. To defeat them, you must locate strong and cutting-edge weapons.

Thankfully, you're not fighting this battle by yourself. A helpful robot companion with a variety of cutting-edge weapons is at your disposal. These include a flamethrower, a rocket launcher, and a machine gun. Take out the opposition with these weapons to advance in Project Clean Earth Mod APK mod menu

You must determine the most effective strategy for overcoming the various obstacles that each level brings. The fact that the game is so difficult adds to its attraction. When you finally pass a challenging level, it's also really satisfying.

project clean earth mod apk all unlocked

The game has a ton of mysteries to be found. You can find new tools to aid you in your search, including power-ups and weapons. Make sure to search every crevice and corner for the hidden gems.

Choose a Chipset to Solve the Problem

The Project Clean Earth Mod APK chipset system is one of its most distinctive features. You can choose from a variety of chipsets with various features. You can use these skills to get through the different obstacles the game throws your way.

For instance, Beam Turret LV.04 reduces the cooldown while increasing the Turret's ATK. The Spiral Barrel LV.04, on the other hand, raises CRIT ATK. This variety enables you to personalize your games to your preferences.

Choose wisely because there are a certain number of chipsets you can transport. In a challenging situation, the appropriate chipset might make all the difference. Explore the many different chipsets available to find the ideal mix for your playing style.

Even better, you can arrange your chipsets into a deck and use them sequentially. You must carefully consider the chipsets you utilize and the circumstances in which you use them.

Project: A Vast World to Explore The setting for Clean Earth Mod APK is a big, open planet. There are numerous levels to explore, and each one contains a wealth of information. To access some of the most difficult-to-reach regions, you'll need to employ your platforming abilities.]

Additionally, keep a watch out for any hidden hallways or rooms. When you begin investigating, you never know what you'll find.

Assemble things

There are weapons, relics, drones, AoE chipsets, and other things in this game. Each item has a distinct effect that you can take advantage of.

project clean earth mod apk android

For instance, the Fire Bomb relic item harms any foe around. The Time Freeze briefly stops time so you can defeat your adversaries without them having a chance to defend themselves.

There are many different things to gather, and each one has a special advantage. You'll be on the road to success if you learn how to use them wisely.

Download Project Clean Earth Mod APK off line

By choosing the aforementioned option, the Mod download can start. APK can be accessible on your browser's "Downloads" page after it has been downloaded. You must first confirm that third party apps are permitted on your phone before installing it. On the Internet, you can find this information just about anywhere. Your browser's settings will determine whether a confirmation prompt is displayed.

The subsequent procedures are essentially the same to accomplish this. To allow the installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store and Takemod, check for unknown sources in the menu, settings, and security sections of your phone's settings. You can tap the downloaded file once by choosing "Download" on your browser. Once it has been installed on your phone, run it. There, you'll have to wait while the content loaded. This option is available in the security settings of your Android mobile device. Next, activate it by pressing the button.


Q: What is an APK download?

Ans:  Android applications are installed using the Android package kit file format (APK extension), which is a question and answer (X. XE for Windows). APKs can't be set up automatically; you have to manually download and run them (a process "sideloading").

Q: Where can I download Android apk files from?

Ans: Pre-installed files can be located in the system/application folder and accessible via the eS. File Manager, whereas APK files can be found under user-installed programs in the /data/application/directory.

Q: On an Android phone, how can I detect hidden apk files?

project clean earth mod apk download

Ans: Go to the My Documents folder and select the storage location you want to check either device storage or the SD card to examine private data on your child's Android device. There is a tab labeled "More" in the top right corner. You can examine the popup to see if any hidden files are present.


A post-apocalyptic environment is featured in the original video game Project Clean Earth Mod APK. You must make everything right and save humanity. This game has a ton of hidden passages, difficult gameplay, and interesting things to find. This is a fantastic platforming game that you should play.

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