Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK 2.34.6 (Unlimited everything and max level)

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Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK 2022 - Unlimited everything and max level - a beautiful and fully playable fighting game. In this game, master martial arts and save the world from chaos.

Name Shadow Fight 2
Updated June 27, 2022, 12:00 am
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 2.34.6
Size 147MB
MOD Unlimited everything and max level
Category Action
Developer NEKKI
Price Free
Google Play Link

About Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK level 52 max

The market for mobile games is flooded with different scales of fighting games. There are some that incorporate combat for only a small amount of the whole experience, while others place a significant emphasis on this facet of the game. Fighting games, however, are universally acknowledged as being among the most fun to play, regardless of the genre of the game in question.

shadow fight 2 mod apk

Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK titan is currently one of the most well-known fighting games available. This is without a doubt one of the most engrossing fighting games that can be played right now, as there are a multitude of foes to vanquish, weapons to collect, and moves to learn. Despite the fact that the only playable characters are shadows, the creators did a fantastic job of presenting the action sequences in the most exciting and enjoyable way imaginable. You won't just gain an appreciation for the characters themselves, but also for the fighting that goes on here.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK god mode Characteristics and Features

Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK unlimited money is an original video game in which players take control of shadows and pit them against one another in combat. Conquer new countries, engage a large number of foes, and amass a collection of weaponry! Listed below are its characteristics:


There is a growing interest in martial arts all around the world. It is extremely well-known, and numerous mobile games make use of it as a gameplay element. It brings out the best in everything, both in appearance and sensation. Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK 2022 is one of the most successful installments in the series to date. In this installment, you will have the opportunity to do battle with increasingly stronger opponents in a variety of planets! There are a total of six distinct planets to dominate, each with a progressively higher level of challenge! If you're successful in this arena, you'll rack up extra awards as a result of it. However, you shouldn't underestimate your opponents because they are already experts in their own right.

shadow fight 2 mod apk download

Weapons that are nothing short of epic are just another facet of this game that has players gushing about it. The bat, the scepter, knives, blades, nun chucks, and many other weapons are just some of the options that may be found in this location. Every weapon is one of a kind and possesses its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You are at liberty to employ any weapon you choose, provided that you are able to purchase it. Naturally, the more powerful the weapon, the simpler it is to triumph over one's adversaries. You can make your weapon even deadlier by upgrading its stats to make it even more powerful.

Intelligent visuals 

 The realistic physics and graphics are what actually set this one apart from other fighting games that are merely average. Fighting, as opposed to the game's more flamboyant characters, is where the majority of your attention should be placed. When you get to this point, you'll have a better appreciation for the effort that the developers put in to make this experience an entertaining one. Carry out great combos, use swords, and put your opponent out of commission in grand fashion.

Controls that put you in the action 

Using the controls in this area is not too difficult. On the left side of the controller is the movement pad, while on the right side are the other controls. You have the ability to punch, kick, and jump attack, as well as hurl shuriken and perform magic!

The chance to compete against actual gamers from all around the world is one of the best aspects of this game's multiplayer mode. You'll compete against other players of a similar rank in order to earn rewards in this section.

shadow fight 2 mod apk level 52 max

As you demonstrate your worth as the ultimate shadow, you can climb up the leaderboards.

How to get Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK Unlimited everything and max level

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk download special version must be done in accordance with this guide; failing to do so may cause the game to become unresponsive at the level 8 enchanting screen.

Step 1: get the version of Bypass Enchantment and download and install it.

Step 2: Proceed through the enchantment screen at the level 8 difficulty.

Step 3: Download and install the MOD version overwrite to the version that bypasses the enchantment.


Q: Is the Full/Paid version of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK, safe to download from Takemod?

shadow fight 2 mod apk unlimited everything and max level.

Ans: When a user gets an app through Takemod, we will search Google Play for the proper APK file, and then we will make it immediately available for download to the user. Our website has a variety of games and programs that users can access without worrying about their safety.


The user interface and the actual gameplay in this game are perfectly balanced. Graphics and gameplay that are both very basic. It is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems, including Nintendo Switch, PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS. In this regard, Shadow Fight 2 has been performing its duties admirably.

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