The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Mod APK 2.54.0 (Unlocked)

admin - 2022/09/08

Download The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Mod APK 2022, players will fight many characters with countless enemies in tactical battles. Players can also unlock characters.

Name The Seven Deadly Sins
Updated September 1, 2022, 12:00 am
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 2.54.0
Size 98 MB
MOD Unlocked
Category Role Playing
Developer Netmarble
Price Free
Google Play Link

Features of The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Mod APK

You can employ your favorite The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Mod APK characters in this game to rule the conflict! But this game also has other characteristics that are worth mentioning. Let's dissect them to better understand the game:


Characters from the Seven Deadly Sins

Choose your starting character at the beginning of the Seven Deadly Sins game. There are many options available, and this game lets you have them all. You will receive 10 million rewards at the start, and by following the instructions, you can choose to cancel one of the SSR versions of the Seven Deadly Sins. Ban, Meliodas, Gowther, Diane, King, Merlin, and Escanor are the main characters. You can play a variety of characters, including Elaine, Arthur, Dreyfus, Gilthunder, and more! In addition, you can further modify your characters by altering their clothes, hairstyles, and accessories!

breathtaking animation sequences

Even though this is a turn-based card game, the beloved anime animation is still present. In fact, it serves as the game's focal point. You can choose whether to view or skip the animation scenes that were remade from the original anime as the plot develops. This enhances the game's overall cool factor. Each time you attack during your turn, the characters' traits and abilities also come into play. They possess the same abilities as in the anime!

Stunning 3D graphics and audio

But the beautiful 3D graphics are what really set this game apart from the competition. Because everything appears to be smooth, you might not realize that this is a turn-based card game at first. Everything is clear and expertly animated, including the backgrounds, effects, and characters! In addition, the real voiceovers offer a special touch that brings the characters to life. Also not to be missed is the music, which was masterfully created for this game by composer Okabe. Instead than merely playing a game, you'll feel as though you're playing within an anime.



In this game's Death Match mode, you can work together with your pals to defeat a massive demon. There are many modes available, including PvP and others. In this game, you can also assemble your very own squad.

How to play The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Mod APK?

Even though this game only uses cards and turn-based gameplay, it requires a lot of concentration and experience to succeed. This is especially true if you've never played games of this nature before. But here are the pointers you require to assist you in moving forward:

Take part in recurring activities

Since the game is still quite new, scheduled events are sure to occur frequently. By taking part, you can experience one-of-a-kind events that aren't available anywhere else! They are also free! This is also an excellent opportunity to hone your card-playing abilities.

Take the rewards.

The absurd prizes for novice players in this game are something else that stands out. As a welcome gift, you can receive up to 10 million gods and 1,000 gems! Claim them all to purchase and then personalize your preferred characters!

evoke powerful cards

You'll need to reroll a lot in this game in order to get strong characters. Even though it's unlikely, it's not completely impossible to obtain SSR cards. In fact, the game gives new players a 10x greater chance of obtaining it.

Combine cards to make a stronger play.

You'll utilize cards in this game to give your characters abilities and skills that they can use to beat the bad guys. You can't always find excellent cards to utilize, though. But combining cards is a superior technique to give you greater power.


When two similar cards are combined, a new, far more powerful version of the original is created. These can offer you a lot of power and even provide you unique abilities that aren't available to base cards.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Grand Cross: The Seven Deadly Sins a free game?

A: It is, indeed. It is free to download and play. However, in-app purchases are available. You must use actual money to make any purchases at the store.

When will the international version be available?

A: The date of the global version's official release is unknown to us. I have not yet received notification about this from the publisher. We are keeping track of it and will update you as soon as new information becomes available.

Will The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Mod Apk have a mod version available?

A: Perhaps there will. The mod version of the game is typically released a few weeks later. The mods, however, unquestionably only function on a Private Server.

Can I use an Android emulator to play it?

A: It is possible. On Blue Stack, we attempted to run The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. It performed admirably.

Which platforms are supported?

The Seven Deadly Sins, or A: Only iOS and Android users can get the Grand Cross Modded Apk. You need emulator support if you wish to play it on a PC.



Impressive 3D drawings were used in the creation of The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Mod APK. The visual aesthetic stays the same as it did in Anime form. The character framework's abilities and attire will also get a few small tweaks.

You'll be helped to have a more vivid experience by the acoustic framework as well as audio effects, ambient sounds, and names. You will admire the incredibly impressive and powerful fight sequences during the games.

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