Typing Master Mod APK 1.1.2 (No ads)

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Download Typing Master Mod APK - No ads - The first option is called Practice Mode, and it allows you to select words from a list of categories to practice. The second option is Competition Mode, in which you will compete against the clock and other Competition Mode participants.

Name Typing Master
Updated July 17, 2021, 12:00 am
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Last version 1.1.2
Size 16.7 MB
MOD No ads
Category Education
Developer Hussein El Feky
Price Free
Google Play Link

How does Typing Master Mod APK No ads for PC work?

You may learn proper touch typing with the free, full-featured typing teacher Typing Master Mod Apk free download. You can practice typing on the keyboard of your computer or the touchscreen of an Android device (if it has a keyboard). The company TouchType Ltd, which also created the well-known handwriting program MyScript Stylus, created Typing Master Mod Apk no ads.

typing master mod apk

In addition, this app offers a variety of games. Out of these games, you can pick the one you want to play. The range of games this application offers includes: It is a keyboard that aids in the development of your typing abilities. It is appropriate for those who are just learning to type as well as those who want to increase their accuracy and speed when typing.

Rapid-Fire Typing: Within a set amount of time, you must type the words that come on the screen. You will be granted a specified period of time when you begin this particular game, during which you must finish typing the words. When you accurately type every word within the allotted time, only then will it be your turn to begin typing new words.

Features of Typing Master Mod APK No ads 2022

Additionally, Typing Master Mod Apk latest version has a built-in virtual keyboard that allows you to practice the skills you've acquired. Let's say your gadget doesn't have a real keyboard connected in (or even if you do). In that scenario, using the virtual keyboard is a terrific method to get comfortable with a soft keyboard and acquaint yourself with the layout.

  • You can text more rapidly using highlighted keys.
  • There is a full-screen option available so that you can concentrate just on your keyboard.
  • To assess your accuracy and speed when typing, the free edition also includes a typing test.

typing master mod apk download

  • A real English keyboard with a US layout is used for improved typing. 5. For a comfortable gaming experience, several font sizes are also offered.
  • Key clicks are offered for a better learning experience when typing while playing with your eyes closed and not looking at the keyboard or screen!
  • Swiping is a gesture-based input method that can be used in place of physical hard keys like the enter key, space bar, backspace key, etc. to enter text into the keyboard.
  • 8. Practice Mode: This mode allows the user to practice touch typing. It has a statistics tool that calculates the user's typing speed.

Dictionary with more than a thousand words

Although the software itself is fantastic, there are a few features I wish were included. In addition to the ones in the dictionary, I want to add some of my own terms and phrases. Additionally, since some of the letters on some of the keys are difficult to see, could you give the ability to modify the color of the keys?

Auditory feedback while using a touch keyboard

Using a powerful speech synthesis engine (Text-to-Speech), this software plays aloud the word before you have finished typing it and provides immediate feedback on whether you have written it correctly or not. This feature is unique and not found in any other typing game.

Test of vocabulary

His free online typing exam includes both a speed test and a vocabulary test. With the help of this free online typing test, you may determine your level of typing competence and increase your typing speed.

Typing test

This app has two games. The spelling exam comes first. You can play this game, which measures your typing speed, indefinitely. The starting test is the second. It begins with the letters A to Z, but after you complete that level, a fresh set of notes will be introduced; this process continues until you have mastered every letter of the alphabet.

typing master mod apk for pc

You will then have mastered the ability to type without glancing at your fingers.

Simple to Use

Using the typing software is simple. Only four keys are available for you to practice typing on in this exercise. You can immediately and without hesitation enter words by pressing these keys.

How to get Typing Master Mod APK No ads download

TheTyping Master Mod Apk download for Android on our website. Utilize your Android handset to download by following these easy instructions. By clicking on the download links below, you can obtain the modified version of this application. Click the download buttons, then wait for the file to fully download. Following download:

  1. Visit the APK files that you downloaded.
  2. On the install buttons, click.
  3. Put these on your Android devices.


typing master mod apk no ads

Q: What distinguishes the original version of Typing Master from the mod version?

Ans: No one is certain at this time if the two versions differ in any way. There are conflicting reports on whether the original version or the mod version has superior graphics. Therefore, downloading both versions and comparing them on your device is recommended.

Q: How can you guarantee its security, please?

Ans: You can download this application without worrying about viruses or threads because it has been thoroughly scanned with strong antivirus software.


One of the top Android apps is the typing master mod apk. It is a component of the most widely used keyboard for Android in the world. You can develop your typing skills with the aid of this program. This software is available for download from the Google Play store. When there are so many other tasks that need to be done, trying to improve your typing can be difficult. You probably don't want to type numerous documents on your phone, for instance.

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