Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom APK Mod 1.0.47 (All Unlocked)

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Have you ever played Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom APK Mod version Varies with device, available for free download from apksafety and is listed under the category of Strategy.

Name Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom
Compatible with 4.3 and up
Last version 1.0.47
Size 728MB
MOD All Unlocked
Category Strategy
Developer Special Gamez
Price Free
Google Play Link

With regard to Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom APK Mod

Take command of a Wolfpack in the woods in this Strategy Gamez challenge, and aid them in surviving over all odds. You are the leader of your wolfpack, the Alpha, and you must demonstrate your fortitude to guide them through the challenging aspects of life in the wild.

Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk all unlocked rich 3D setting gives you the impression that you are in the center of the wilderness, surrounded by ferocious creatures and breathtaking surroundings. The audio systems are also excellent! They give the game an additional layer of reality.

wolf game the wild kingdom apk

Look no further than Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk everything unlocked if you're looking for a casual game that provides pure enjoyment! It supports the majority of Android devices and provides in-app purchases with prices ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 for each item.

Fantastic Gameplay

Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk free download is based in a wilderness. It is your best chance to get up up and personal with tigers, bears, wolves, elephants, and other animals in their natural habitat. Help your Wolfpack survive in the woods by giving them food and shelter in order to win the game.

To keep your wolves safe from harm and guide them to victory, you will need to use strategy and your leadership abilities. You will become engrossed in the gameplay for hours on end.

The game has a ton of twists and turns as well! You might occasionally become the prey! Therefore, in order to live, you must exercise extreme caution and shrewdness. Additionally, you will need to utilize all of your cunning to keep other wolf packs from occupying your lair.

Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk for Android has various levels, and each level has its own difficulties. As you advance in the game, the difficulty level increases.

Become the Wild's Ruler!

You get the chance to take control of the wild in Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk for Android! You will be named the king of the jungle if you successfully guide your pack to victory.

As you advance through the game, new skills and features will also become available. These include the ability to enlist the aid of other animals, creating a den that is more robust and sturdy, and many other things.

Make sure you do not be captured by the hunters at any costs! If they discover you, they will murder both you and your pack. Additionally, you want to get retribution on the pack members who perish in the course of Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk unlimited coins

Features of Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk latest version

Form a Pack of Wolves

The first task you have is to build a strong pack of wolves. You need a broad group of people, each with their own special skills. To build a team that is evenly distributed, you must choose them carefully. Huge Timber Wolves, Beautiful Arctic Wolves, Mighty Gray Wolves, and Mysterious Black Wolves are a few popular choices.

wolf game the wild kingdom apk all unlocked

Join Clans and Alliances. In this game, you're not playing alone. You can cooperate with other wolf packs in the forest if you want to live. Clans can also be created or joined. These will assist you in a variety of ways, such as in obtaining food and resources and in offering support during trying times.

Finish missions. 

To advance in Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk no ads, you must finish all of the missions. These will put your leadership talents to the test. Additionally, they will assist you in obtaining rewards that you can use to improve your pack or den.

Boost Your Pack. If you want your pack to live in the wild, you must constantly improve them. This involves providing them with improved housing, clothing, and food. In order to protect themselves against other packs and animals, you must also give them the greatest tools and training.

Investigate the Wild.

 There are numerous locations to discover throughout the sizable game universe. Different creatures, plants, and resources can be found in each location. To locate the ideal locations for hunting and foraging, you must use your understanding of the topography. If you look long and hard enough, you can also locate jewels and unusual objects.

Protect Your Den.

 The most crucial thing is to safeguard your den from other wolf packs and other animals. To keep them out, you must erect sturdy walls and defenses. Additionally, you must teach your pack members how to fight so they can protect themselves.

Bring Your Squad to Victory. 

To lead your pack to victory, you must employ all of your abilities and tactics. Then and only then will you be declared jungle king!

A World Map that is Realistic and Sound Systems

Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk unlimited money features a map of the real world! Beautiful mountains, rivers, plains, and players and NPCs will all be present. Additionally, the game features a day/night cycle and weather effects. These elements produce a credible and realistic world for you to explore.

wolf game the wild kingdom apk download

Additionally, the sound system is really well made. Wolves' howling and other wild animals' sounds will be audible to you. You will more closely resemble being in the forest thanks to all of these sounds.

Simple controls are used. It won't be difficult for you to move, attack, or defend oneself. Additionally, the game is perfectly optimized, so you won't encounter lag or glitches.

How to get Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom APK download

Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk download for Android version of The Wolf Game for Android gives you access to better graphics, more features, and more wolves. Even better, each and every one of these features is totally free. Other advantages include:

Unlimited Money and Gems in Wolf Game the Wild Kingdom MOD APK. You will always have enough resources to upgrade your wolf pack.

No advertising. Ads in this modified version are completely absent. You may fully enjoy the game in this manner.

Fixed bugs. Lag has been minimized, and any errors have been fixed.


How does Takemod guarantee the security of Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk?

A: We confirm Google Play and authorize direct download if someone wants to download an APK from Takemod (of course they are cached on our server). We have the APK file if Google Play doesn't have it.

Q: Does the APK from Takemod support Play Store updates?

Ans: Of course. With the exception of your service, the Play Store and Takemod both do installation from Google's servers.

The moment you download the latest app, an update starts.

Q: The Android App Permission is required for Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Apk

wolf game the wild kingdom apk mod

A: Apps need access to the device. The permissions of an application are shown after installation.


Anyone who enjoys wolves or wishes to learn more about a wolf's life in the wild should play The Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom. It has several distinct wolves and is set in a believable 3-D world.

Access to all features in The Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom APK Mod for Android is completely free. As you advance in the game, you can join coalitions, finish tasks, and upgrade your pack.

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