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it seems like everyone, her mom and her dog are on tiktok today. from lip syncing to comedy to music, the platform has easily taken the world by storm during the pandemic.

However, it's not all fun and games. Businesses can get serious results from promoting themselves on TikTok, as long as they know how to use the platform.

Viral videos are king on tiktok, which means even the most obscure creators can go viral overnight. There are many one-hit wonders on the app, making tiktok a difficult but exciting place for brands to grow their audience.

if you're just starting out with tiktok, you've probably seen "fyp" all over the place. It may seem like a small detail, but the fyp actually has a huge impact on your tiktok business performance. learn what the fyp is, see why your business needs to be on the fyp, and borrow our five tips on getting into the fyp.

what is fyp?

when you open the tiktok app, you will notice that there are two tabs: following and for you.

The following feed works like an instagram feed. You'll only see content here from the creators you follow, so it's great for tiktok users who want to nurture a specific source of content. However, following is not the default feed on tiktok, so it is not that popular among users.

That's why so many companies want to be on the page for you or on the fyp. This is the tiktok homepage and the default feed that you will see when you open the tiktok app. The fyp works similarly to the instagram explore page: it recommends content to users based on their interests and what they have engaged with in the past.

tiktok keeps the exact workings of its fyp algorithm close to its chest, but says these factors have the biggest impact on what you see on the fyp:

  • engagement: The tiktok algorithm will promote videos that have more likes, comments, shares, and duets or points because it indicates that users like your content.
  • video information: The hashtags, subtitles, and music or audio you choose can all have an impact on how it appears on the fyp.
  • location information: Your location does matter on tiktok. Analyzes your country, language preference, and device settings to display user videos in your location. After all, you probably wouldn't want to watch videos in Chinese if you don't speak the language, right?

The important thing to note about fyp is that the number of followers doesn't really matter. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, TikTok rewards quality content first, so you can't rely on a large following to boost your brand. this means their tiktok videos have to do it all the time, putting a lot of pressure on brands to perform.

why do I need to enter the fyp?

so why do you have to worry about fyp? Isn't it enough to create great content and hope that people start following you?

nope! companies should do everything they can to get a feature on the fyp because:

  • First thing people see: The fyp is the first thing users see when they open tiktok. even if they go to their next feed they will see the fyp first. Since users spend 52 minutes on tiktok every day, a feature on fyp can put you in front of thousands of users.
  • puts you in front of new users: tiktok has 100 million active users in the united states. If you want to connect with users who haven't watched your videos or followed you yet, the FYP is the place to be. more views on the fyp will result in more likes, followers and (best of all) brand recognition.
  • it means you're doing something right: the fyp is like the tiktok olympics. you take home the gold if you can access the fyp feed. Plus, if you manage to get into the fyp, you'll know that your content is resonating with your audience on tiktok.

5 tips to get on the fyp

Fourteen percent of brands are planning to increase their spending on tiktok, but you don't have to get into paid ads unless you want to; what you really need is organic success in the fyp.

trying to understand the tiktok algorithm? follow these five tips on how to access fyp tips to crack the code and get a feature on tiktok page for yourself.

1. post tiktok videos at the right time, consistently

Social media platforms want to know that your brand can consistently generate quality content. the more content you create, the more likely people are to stay on the platform, which is exactly what tiktok wants.

In addition to indicating that you are a reputable account, constantly posting tiktok videos also gives you more chances to get a feature on the fyp. that's just basic math - the more often you post, the more often you enter the fyp "lottery".

if you're new to tiktok, try to post at least three times a week to start. work up to posting once a day, and then multiple times a day. Of course, you don't create content just for the sake of it! make sure you create high-quality videos that encourage engagement.

You can also increase your participation by watching your timing. Sign up for a tiktok business account and check your analytics. when is your audience online? be sure to post at those times to get more traction on the fyp.

2. use trending audio, sounds or effects

tiktok started out as musical.ly, an app that was primarily for lip syncing. tiktok has become much more than that but music still plays a big role in tiktok videos.

In fact, users can search for specific audio, sounds, and effects right in the app. If you use trending sounds in your videos, you have a better chance of being in the fyp.

Not sure what sounds are trending right now? you can find them by:

  • regular user : If you find a trending sound you like, be sure to save it to your favourites. you can refer to it later when you're brainstorming content with the team.
  • search sounds: Use the search button to search for a specific sound on tiktok. the application will display everything related to that piece of music or audio.
  • hashtags: have you heard the sound bite, #piggydippin? it has more than 67.7 million views on tiktok. To find trending sounds like this, use the search button one more time, but head over to the hashtag feed to see what results come up.

3. use popular hashtags

tiktok hashtags are not the same as instagram hashtags. you're not trying to overwhelm people with 20 hashtags they'll never read. For tiktok, it's best to use 3-6 hashtags that are relevant to your videos.

To find good hashtags, go to the discover tab. It will automatically display a list of trending hashtags (as well as how many people have used them) so you can pick hashtags that get a lot of traction. You can also search for popular videos in your niche and copy some of the hashtags they are using.

hashtags like #foryou and #fyp are fine, but be sure to add hashtags that tell viewers what the video is about so they can find you.

4. make better content than others

tiktok rewards good content. As long as your content gets a reaction from users, chances are you'll end up in the fyp. But how, exactly, do you make content that's better than everyone else in your niche?

try strategies like:




  • Apply the basics: You don't need Hollywood quality, but your tiktok videos should be of reasonably high quality. Film on a modern smartphone, capture better audio with an external microphone, and edit your videos for speed and clarity.
  • record shorter videos: tiktok cares about completion rates, or the rate at which people watch the entire video. If you want people to finish your videos, make them as short as possible without compromising on quality.
  • influencer marketing : tiktok has the highest influencer engagement rate of any platform. Influencers with 100,000+ followers on instagram get 1.1% engagement on instagram but receive a whopping 5.3% engagement on tiktok. skip the line and get immediate engagement on your content by partnering with influencers.

5. interact with followers and other creators

Engagement is king on tiktok, so make it as easy as possible for users to interact with your content. don't let your tiktok videos run out: ask your followers questions or get their opinion.

When they leave a comment on your video, be sure to reply to them. even an emoji response is better than nothing.

You can also interact with other tiktokkers in the form of duets or stitches. try to engage with high profile content that already has a lot of engagement to increase your chances of being featured on the fyp.

fastest solution to get on fyp? influencer marketing

brands are still discovering tiktok, which means tough companies that get there early will reap the benefits. You also don't need a lot of followers to appear on the fyp. As long as you follow these five best practices, you can be listed on the fyp in no time.

Creating successful organic content takes time and that's a luxury most brands don't have. When you want to get more traction on the tiktok fyp, partner with influencers with markerly. we help brands identify the best influencers for their campaign, handling everything from reach to optimization. Isn't it time you showed up on the fyp? See how markly takes your tiktok marketing from zero to sixty in no time.