How to get your drafts back on TikTok if you deleted the app?

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TikTok video creation can be as simple or as complex as the creators want. The ability to save drafts makes it easy for content creators to add enhancements later, as long as they can find them again. It's not that hard to find tiktok video drafts. thousands of tiktokers upload their videos to tiktok every day. This process helps the app to generate views and attract a large number of users who enjoy tiktok videos. Due to the fast viral nature of the platform, the more creative the uploaded video is, the more people will see it. it means that the video may take longer to complete than in other cases, and the draft function applies here.

Video creators can do terrible things when a video is deleted or lost. So how do you get your precious short videos back? Fortunately, there are several things you can try to recover your deleted tiktok videos or drafts. after deleting the app, we will see some of the easiest ways to get your tiktok drafts back.

Does deleting tiktok also delete drafts?

In addition to knowing how to recover deleted tiktok drafts, will deleting your tiktok also delete drafts? here is the answer. tiktok cannot upload drafts directly to your phone gallery. when you delete tiktok, the eraser disappears along with the deletion of the app.

Methods to recover your drafts on tiktok if you deleted the app

suppose you are reading this and actively creating videos on tiktok! As you well know, after recording a video, you can post it or save it in draft mode on your phone. Do you want to go back to tiktok with them? try the following tips to recover deleted videos.

Check out the gallery:

when you record a video and click "draft", it creates a tiktok folder where it will save it (if it doesn't already exist) indirectly in your device's gallery. this process is optional and it is better to verify it before taking other more drastic measures.

after you take a funny video, edit it and post it on the tiktok app, you have two options: post it or save it as a draft. If you're sure you clicked the "save as draft" option, then know that your video is safe! to retrieve it, you must:

  • Access your device gallery on your phone or tablet.
  • look for the tiktok folder and make sure the files are inside.

but be careful! this method will only work if you have already given the app full permissions, such as access to your device storage and the folders containing your videos.

Restore from 'my favorite videos':

as far as we know, tiktok has a section that saves every video that is clicked. follow these steps: go to your profile and tap the heart button to watch your favorite video series. just click on the video you want and it will load. empty if removed. you can save video from options menu and click save video. this method will save it to your phone.

If you've already tried to find a draft in a video saved to your gallery and couldn't find it, we recommend restoring it this way. Thanks to tiktok's default settings, the app stores all the content you want in a separate section. then hit "like" or click the heart on the right, and your video will be one of them. here's how to get tiktok draft.

  1. after opening the tiktok app on your mobile, tap "my profile" in the bottom right corner.
  2. after opening your profile page, click on the little heart below your profile.
  3. find the draft and click to open it.
  4. To get a tiktok draft, press on the video that is playing and then select save video.

I want to clarify that this method is not applicable if you have already removed the draft from your favorites.

How to recover deleted drafts from sd card?

We are pleased that some users prefer to save their draft videos directly to their sd card instead of their device memory. if you have, we recommend this recovery method. Here's how to recover tiktok drafts using a recovery tool like recoveryit video recovery:



  1. put your "sd card" in your phone and run recovery.
  2. select “external device” and after a few seconds, you will be able to see all the videos stored on the card.

alternatively, assume the sd card is already in your phone and works fine. in that case, you can carefully look at the external storage folder and restore it. Please read the following tips carefully to learn more about recovery.

How long is a tiktok draft?

If you want to know how long your tiktok draft will keep in the app section once it is deleted after a certain period of time, don't worry as it won't happen. tiktok drafts are saved and stay there until you post or delete them. it will be available after a few months and you will be able to see all the items you have saved without any problem.


tiktok videos are freely available on the internet only after they are published, not before they are published. drafts are stored locally on the device; tiktok users cannot switch between devices and continue editing. If the draft is stored on a single device, when a user opens the app on another device and signs in with the same account, they know they won't use it on the new device. That's why it's crucial to use the same device that uploaded the original video to complete the editing process and post the tiktok video.