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tiktok is a widely used social media platform that has amassed over a billion users. At first, tiktok users mainly uploaded lip sync videos to the network, but now the tiktok app has more diverse content, from tutorials to reviews.

Although little is known about its algorithm, the platform outperforms other social media apps because it is easy to use, focuses on short videos, and is compatible with most operating systems and devices. Despite its user-friendly nature, tiktok has several major drawbacks.

First, many users have noticed that they spend hours consuming short-form content instead of focusing on their to-do lists. Since the web content on tiktok is bite-sized, it's easy to lose track of time. In addition to its negative impact on productivity, tiktok is at the center of serious security issues.

compared to social media platforms like snapchat, instagram and facebook, tiktok has insufficient built-in parental controls and could send inappropriate content to underage users.

Because the company behind the app is based in China, experts are concerned that the Chinese government could influence the type of content tiktok users see. not to mention that some users are not sure how much data the app collects from their accounts.

The above issues are some of the reasons why many people have crashed the app on their ios, android, macos and windows devices. let's discuss how you can do the same.

how to block tiktok on iphone and ipad

various methods can help you to block tiktok mobile app on your ios device. two of the most common are using screen time and restricting the app on your router. both will allow you to reduce your digital activity and develop healthier online habits.

use screen time management

Locking the app on your iPhone or iPad only takes a few steps. here's what to do:

  1. launch the tiktok app from the home screen.

  2. opens "privacy and settings".

  3. navigate to the general section and press the “digital wellbeing” option.

  4. select "screen time management".

  5. adjust your time limit and set up an access code.

    after the selected time period elapses, you will need to enter the passcode to renew the restrictions.

    block via your router

    Another way to block the app on your phone is to use your wireless router. this method allows you to block all domains associated with the platform.

    1. Login to your router's control panel.

    2. go to "parental controls".

    3. tap the edit icon next to the device name.

    4. go to "website access limit" and select the menu.

    5. choose "blacklist" in "access control mode".

    6. enter the following domains in the "block website" field:




        1. Press the "save" button to save these changes.

          this action prevents you from accessing the blocked application via your wireless network.

          how to block tiktok on android devices

          If your tiktok account hinders your daily routine and you can't turn off your android phone, blocking the app might be a good idea. you can add the platform to your android block list or block it through your router.

          add tiktok to your android block list

          Adding the app to your block list is relatively easy.

          1. Go to the google play store and download freedom, a third party app blocker.

          2. run the application and open a new block list.

          3. change the name of the block list and press "add block list".

          4. type "" in the text field and select "add site".

          5. press the "save" button and select "login".

            block via your router

            You can also restrict access to tiktok by adjusting your router settings. follow the instructions below to do so:

            1. Go to your Wi-Fi router's admin portal and log in to your user account.

            2. navigate to the dns section.

            3. type "". in the dns1 field.

            4. type "" in the dns2 field.

            5. visit the opendns site and configure your wireless network.

            6. after mapping your network to these servers, find the "web content filtering" tab.

            7. click "add domain" under "manage individual domains".

            8. Type the domains associated with the application you want to block. for tiktok, these include:




                if you want to ban tiktok ip address, please type "" or "".

                You will not be able to open the tiktok app or access the platform through your web browser.

                how to block tiktok on apple mac

                even though you blocked the social media app on your mobile device, you may have continued to watch short videos on your macbook. In that case, you can ban the app using Safari's built-in Screen Time feature. here's what to do:

                1. press the apple icon at the top left of the screen and choose "system preferences".

                2. select the "screen time" option and navigate to the left sidebar.

                3. tap "content & privacy" and press "on".

                4. click on "limit adult websites" and press the "customize" button.

                5. tap the plus icon under "restricted".

                6. enter "" in the appropriate field and press "ok".

                7. select "ok" again to confirm the action.

                  how to block tiktok on windows computer

                  if you have a windows computer, you can modify the url filtering settings of your wi-fi router to ban tiktok.

                  1. Open the admin panel and log in to your account.

                  2. open the "url filter list" (on some routers, it may be called "reject list" or "firewall").

                  3. type "" in the url field and tap "save".

                    when you want to unblock the app, remove its url from the list and save the changes.

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                    frequently asked questions

                    how do I block a specific person on tiktok?

                    Open the user's profile and tap the three dots at the top right of the screen. select "block" from the popup menu. this method applies to ios and android devices.

                    how do i block a tiktok video?

                    Although you can't block specific videos on tiktok, you can use the "not interested" option to prevent the platform from showing you similar content.