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If you are a regular tiktok user, you may have encountered the problem of accidentally deleting a draft, or maybe your device is missing some files and you want to restore them from your backup. Before trying to upload a video to tiktok, you may want to save a draft and modify it as well. so when your drafts disappear randomly, it's not favorable. so you may want to learn how to recover deleted drafts on tiktok.

answer: since tiktok is an extremely popular social platform for sharing videos of all kinds, its users may accidentally lose their content. However, there are several ways to recover deleted tiktok videos that would help you. You can try to recover deleted drafts on tiktok from your gallery, liked videos or your sd card too.

it's a big problem if tiktok drafts are deleted. days of your work will be lost if your tiktok drafts are deleted. if you also accidentally deleted your tiktok drafts, read on for a full guide on how you can get your tiktok drafts back with a few easy steps.

if you uninstall tiktok, will your draft be deleted?

yes, your tiktok drafts will be deleted when you uninstall the tiktok app. tiktok drafts are saved on the device instead of tiktok server. so when you uninstall the tiktok app, all the data contained in the app along with the drafts will also be deleted.

so if you are going to uninstall the tiktok app, first make sure the drafts have been saved correctly.

can you recover deleted drafts on tiktok?

yes, you can recover those deleted drafts on your device as they may still be in the app data stored on your device. However, you cannot use tiktok app to recover those drafts, but there are other ways to recover those drafts.

These ways may be as simple as browsing through your device gallery, but these methods may also not work in some cases, leading to permanent data loss.

how to recover deleted drafts on tiktok?

So, by mistake or unknowingly, you deleted your drafts on your device while cleaning up some memory space or saving those drafts, and you want to recover those drafts. so here are some ways you can use to get those drafts back:

recover tiktok drafts by checking your device gallery

this method is a priority since the drafts are saved on your device inside the tiktok folder. You can also choose the option to save the tiktok videos to your device gallery. so this is how you can check your device gallery to recover deleted drafts on tiktok.

Step 1: Open your device gallery

first open your device gallery by tapping on the gallery icon available in the app drawer.

step 2: open the tiktok drafts folder

then open the tiktok folder among the various folders displayed in the gallery by simply tapping on the folder.

step 3: locate your draft among the list

then try to locate the desired draft by opening the videos in the list (you should be able to locate your draft by looking at the cover image of the file in the drafts).

note: Drafts are usually saved serially by date in your gallery.

retrieve drafts of videos you like

so you tried the above method, but it didn't get your drafts back. don't worry because tiktok maintains a section dedicated to the videos you have liked. so if you've already liked that video, you can try these steps to get your draft back:

step 1: open tiktok

first of all, open your tiktok app on your device.

step 2: open your profile

then you can open your profile and click on your profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

step 3: tap the heart icon

then tap the heart icon next to the uploaded videos section to see your recently liked videos.

Step 4: Tap on the video you want to recover

then tap on the video you want to recover and upload it along with other videos.

note: if it has been removed, you will get a blank screen instead.

step 5: tap the little arrow

then tap the little arrow icon just below the comment icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 6: Tap Save Video

then tap on the save video option available at the bottom of the screen.

recover deleted drafts from sd card

As most tiktok videos use a lot of memory space, some users use a separate sd card to protect their data or drafts. in this case, you can use a video recovery tool to recover the videos from your sd card. recoveryit video recovery is one such video recovery tool.

you can use this tool by following the steps below:

note: you need to install recoveryit video recovery on your desktop and connect your sd card to your desktop with a card reader.

Step 1: Launch the application

First of all, start recoverit by clicking the application icon on your desktop screen.

note: Please connect your sd card to your desktop with a card reader beforehand.

step 2: select a source to scan

You will then be prompted to select a location to scan. (to save time, you can search for the specific folder from where you lost your tiktok videos)

step 3: scan the folder

then click the scan icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

step 4: wait for the scan to finish

then you sit back and wait for the process to complete. recoveryit should show the progress on the screen that you can check.

step 5: preview

once the recovery process is complete, you can preview the data before recovering it. so you can also select the specific data you want to recover.

Step 6: Get your videos back

finally, just click on the recovery icon available at the bottom right corner of the screen.

what are tiktok drafts?

tiktok drafts are just those tiktok videos or content to be uploaded or are just practice rounds for original content. In simple words, tiktok drafts are just the content waiting to be uploaded and saved on users' device.

this type of content is often forgotten or overshadowed by other improved versions. but in some cases, they are uploaded because they are original ideas and much better than their later counterparts. So you can keep your tiktok drafts and easily access the drafts from your tiktok profile. If you would like to learn more about how you can save these drafts if they are deleted by mistake, please continue reading the article.

why is tiktok draft important?

As mentioned above, these are the original ideas put into the tiktok platform (video) format and are the basis for further integration or improvement of the idea by the creator.

These drafts can be valuable as they help the creator stay on topic and not stray too far from the original content and these drafts also contain some or all of the content that is ready to be uploaded.

Therefore, these drafts should be kept safe until the intended content is uploaded to tiktok and for future reference. Furthermore, the drafts can also be seen as learning material for self-improvement and future integration and improvement of the content and the creator as a whole.

what can cause tiktok drafts to be deleted?

There can be many causes that can lead to the loss of your data. however, here are some of them:

unsaved videos

sometimes you may forget to share or save it after recording a video in the app. so make sure you have shared or saved the video you just recorded on tiktok app.

network problems

Sometimes your phone may have encountered a network problem while uploading the video, so you don't have a draft or video uploaded. so make sure you have a good network connection before uploading any of your videos to tiktok.

sudden power off

If your phone restarts or simply stops working while uploading a video, that can lead to data loss. so make sure your phone has a decent amount of charge left and make sure you don't accidentally press any of the buttons.

application related errors

Your application may be failing due to a lack of a timely update or corrupted data. so keep your tiktok app updated at all times to eliminate any bugs related to the app.

other problems in operations

Third party applications, incomplete video transfer, formatting of device storage, etc. are other reasons for losing the file. so be careful while doing anything that may hinder applications and cause incorrect operations

how to protect your tiktok videos?

you can protect your tiktok videos by following the suggestions below:

  • make sure to enable "save to album" option in tiktok app to save videos to your device automatically.
  • You can also make sure you have a copy saved on your device before posting the video as a backup option.
  • Another way is to make sure you have enabled the "sync" option for your tiktok videos with google drive or icloud to create a backup automatically.
  • do not switch tiktok accounts on your phone as it may cause the loss of your saved videos.

frequently asked questions (faqs)

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if you uninstall tiktok, will the drafts be removed too?

yes, when you uninstall tiktok, all your drafts will be deleted as drafts are saved in the app data folder of your device, and uninstalling tik tok deletes that folder. so please backup all your necessary data before you decide to uninstall tiktok app.

will logging out of tiktok delete your drafts?

yes, all data related to your account, along with your drafts, will be deleted when you log out of the tiktok app through an automated process. so try not to log out of your app before backing up your data.

how does tiktok save videos?

When you post a video to tiktok, it will be stored on tiktok's online servers and on your device's local storage, which is accessed from your gallery. all these videos will be linked to your account and are protected by tiktok's privacy policy.


Data loss in today's era is a very common incident as we users often clean up our storage to keep a good amount of storage for space. sometimes this leads to data loss due to various errors.

so we need to keep backup files to avoid data loss and time wasted to recover lost data. therefore, making a backup is a must for everyone to avoid such accidents.