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Create: 18/03/2023 by Admin

You usually don't hear about people wanting to remove filters on social media. in general, users are looking to give their photos that "magazine finish" using these tools.

but in an age of celebrities going makeup-free in their posts and “no filter” look trends, you might want to undo the heavy editing. and, in many cases, you would be out of luck. You cannot remove the valencia filter from the photos of your beginnings on Instagram or undo that selfie that you already uploaded.

on tiktok, however, you live a little longer without filters. This app allows you to go back in a video you're editing or have saved to drafts, remove filters, and make other last-minute adjustments, though the app only allows editing in some situations.

here is everything you need to know about how to remove tiktok filters with just a few taps.

let's remove the filters!

you went too far with the filters on tiktok. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. After all, tiktok is like a video editing candy store. record in double or triple time with the speed function, "beautify" your face and add fun transitions to your videos.

If you have concerns about the look of your content, quickly change it to a simpler version before posting using the in-app tiktok filter remover.

in other people's videos

if you're hoping to learn how to remove tiktok filters on someone else's video because you want to see what your favorite celeb really looks like, you might be disappointed to learn that you can't edit this clip can't edit or remove filters from videos posted by other people.

in a posted video

Unfortunately, there's no way you can remove filters on tiktok once you've posted a video. the only option is to edit the content and repost a new version. tiktok only allows removing filters from videos before posting so please think twice before posting.

while making a video

While creating content for tiktok, add and remove filters as much as you like; there is no need to limit your creativity. here are some ways to change your editions in ios or android apps.

  • touch effects on the bottom left of the screen.
  • select the effect you want to disable.
  • Turn off the touch-up feature by deselecting the red check mark next to it. "beauty mode off" should appear on the screen.
  • To remove filters, tap the filter icon and the "remove" symbol at the top of the pop-up menu.

video is back in its purest form!

of your drafts

Good news: If a video is still in draft, it's time to remove a filter. this means doing all your editing risk-free before you decide how a video will go out into the world. here is how to remove a filter from a saved tiktok video.

  1. Open the tiktok app.
  2. tap your profile icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Go to your drafts folder.
  4. select the video you want to modify.
  5. click the filter icon on the editing screen to remove a filter from the video draft.
  6. touch the "delete" symbol to make the filter disappear.
  7. touch anywhere in the video to save changes, minimizing the filter toolbar.