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Being one of the most popular video social media platforms, the user base and video content within the platform is huge these days. Therefore, ordinary people, celebrities, and other public figures are actively involved in the tiktok platform. so the most searched topic is to hack tiktok account by viewing profile post.

Along with its popularity, other supported platforms such as tiktok downloader and tiktok viewer apps are common. In addition, you can view various free tik tok viewer apps that allow others to directly view and download other toktok users' videos without login or registration.

This article will check how to view private tiktok accounts and list some of the best private tiktok account viewers available online. This tiktok private account viewer list will be updated monthly based on its performance and functionalities.

why tiktok viewer app is needed

In the past, we can see that many counties are banning the tiktok app and websites. you can use tiktok viewer app to view details and videos of your favorite tiktok profile if you are from that region. however, it cannot be considered as an alternative or replacement tiktok app.

how to view private tiktok accounts

You can view private tiktok account by visiting tiktok official website or app. but some people prefer to view tiktok account anonymously and its video. For those, there are several tiktok private account viewers available online.

best tiktok online viewer

There are various free and paid online tiktok viewers available to use. So, based on our latest pick, the following are the best free tiktok online account viewers. the following list of anonymous tiktokviewers is based on random order and will be updated monthly based on performance.

1. private tiktok viewer by umobix

umobix private tiktok viewer is another great tiktok viewer app that helps to view all tiktok account details of other tiktok users without registration. You can track tiktok user's online activity including their last online time, private account chat etc. using the app.

2. vidloader - free tiktok video downloader

vidloader is a free tiktok downloader app that is available. the application is simple; you can download any video from your tiktok profile. copy the tiktok video url and paste it in the app. then tap on download button to start downloading tiktok video. a great thing about video uploader is that you can download tiktok video without a watermark.

3. urlebird - free tiktok viewer for you

urlebird is a free tiktok viewer app marketed as a tiktok analyzer. With this tik tok viewer app you can search any tiktok hashtag and username. it is a simple application that does not need multiple clicks. you can search user homepage and see all their tiktok videos. The app also lists all trending tiktok videos as a quick tiktok video viewer.

4. brainans - free tiktok account viewer online

brainans is another free and private tiktok viewer app. the tool is free to watch and download your favorite tiktok videos. The app also lists all the trending videos on the home page. brainans is an all-in-one tool to view tiktok profiles anonymously, analyze them and download videos.

5. private tiktok - private tiktok account viewer

private tiktok is a free tiktok private account viewer app available without registration or login. the app works in simple steps. First, you need to enter the tiktok username and click the connect button on the home page. then you have to fill in the captcha and click on the start button. then finally you need to click the end button to view the user's tiktok videos.

6. tiktok2k - free tiktok viewer

tiktok2k is another free tiktok viewer app available online. This tool is a free public tiktok viewer, and you can view any public tiktok account and their video with this. enter tiktok username to see all videos of user. Also, you can search any hashtag on tiktok. the search result will display a list of all videos related to the searched hashtag.

7. vidnice - free tiktok viewer

vidnice is another excellent private and free app to watch tik tok. You can search for any tiktok profile within the app, and all the videos associated with the profile will be listed instantly. a great thing about this app is to get tiktok results in few clicks. It also highlights popular profiles on the home page, through which you can easily view all videos.

8. tikytoky - tiktok account viewer

tikytoky is also an application similar to vidnice. offers tik tok viewer option when searching based on username and hashtag. This tool is also free and you don't need to register or register. it also lists some of the most popular tiktok videos for quick access.

9. tiktaker - all in one tiktok viewer

tiktaker is a new addition to the list. tiktaker is a free tool to watch and get latest tiktok videos from any tiktok creator without login tiktok account. This free tool does not need any registration or subscription to watch your favorite tiktok videos from your favorite tiktokers.

10. tiktok official app and website

If tiktok is available in your region, the best option is to watch any tiktok user's video by visiting tiktok official website or using tiktok app. Best of all, it provides a constant 100% uptime, making it stress-free and legal.


the tiktokviewer mentioned above are some tools currently available for free. Since the number of best tiktok viewer apps is limited, we have made a list with just a few. However, we will continually update the list by adding a new working tik tok viewer app once they are available. the list above is an alternative to tiktok that offers anonymity. but we always recommend to view and access any tiktok profile officially by visiting tiktok website or tiktok app.