Sweet Crossing Mod APK (Unlocked All Characters)

admin - 2022/08/22

Download Sweet Crossing Mod APK - Unlocked All Characters - It's time to become competitive and devour as much candy as you can. Start playing with your favorite cute animal! Anyone can play the entertaining game Sweet Crossing Mod Apk and have a blast!

Name Sweet Crossing
Updated June 18, 2021, 12:00 am
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Last version
Size 54 MB
MOD Unlocked All Characters
Category Casual
Developer Moonton
Price Free
Google Play Link

About Sweet Crossing Mod APK Unlocked All Characters 2022

The publisher of Mobile Legends: Adventure, Moonton, has released Sweet Crossing Mod Apk unlocked all characters as its first casual game. Sweet Crossing Mod Apk unlimited money and gems, which has Slither.io-like gameplay and a gorgeous graphic design, promises to be more successful than the snake game's previous iteration. This is a haven for people who enjoy lovely items and animals.

sweet crossing mod apk unlocked all characters

Snake game mechanics are likely all too familiar to us. Simply make your snake longer and larger by consuming targets along the route or taking out other enemies.

Instead of the terrifying serpent, everything changes in Sweet Crossing Mod Apk all unlocked, the realm of adorable animals and cake. Players have a selection of cute creatures to choose from. Candy canes in various colors are the prey on the map. You could say that visiting Sweet Crossing Mod Apk latest version is like visiting the pet and candy lovers' utopia!

Players of Sweet Crossing also enjoy the game's slick and straightforward movement controls. Almost no lag or other performance concerns are noticeable. Simply moving your finger will cause your pet to go in search of delectable desserts or for your enemies to stab your body, allowing you to defeat them. The beaten foe will drop a lot of sweets, which is a very alluring bounty that will help you score higher.

Sweet Crossing Mod Apk for Android feature

Many adorable animals

The characters in Sweet Crossing are a ton of adorable pets, as was already said. Numerous animals can be kept as pets, including tiny penguins, young rabbits, puppies, or cats. All have incredibly adorable designs. Additionally, gamers can select from a variety of skin tones or hues for each character.

sweet crossing mod apk

A colorful bunny, a cuddly bear, or an astronaut penguin can all be seen. There are numerous skin tones and tints available. Players are specifically chosen for their tails, which often feature exceptionally cute facial expressions and foods like nibbles, cakes, etc. The sight of a duckling, followed by dozens of angry-looking candies, seized my heart. That is really adorable!

Compete against players online

The opportunity to compete against many other players is the most alluring aspect of snake games. With Sweet Crossing too, you can compete against thousands of players from around the world on a big playground. To find out where you stand in relation to other players' scores, check out the leaderboards. The names and flags of other players are also visible.

Everyone presumably wants to have their name and flag at the top of the list. That makes me really happy. You can increase your score in a number of ways. Players have the option of looking for double or triple buff items in addition to simply eating the usual cakes. Also keep in mind that the number of candies that fall from slain foes results in significant points. Even if it is someone else's treasures, don't miss it.


The charming graphics in Sweet Crossing set it apart from other snake games in terms of player attraction. All pet characters have beautiful 3D animations that are set in vibrant space sceneries with cream cakes and candies.

sweet crossing mod apk unlimited money and gems

As a result, sometimes getting a high score is not necessary to make you happy; simply seeing animals run and jump while flapping their tails is enough.

Download Sweet Crossing Mod Apk

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sweet crossing mod apk 2022

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A game that is quite engaging. Sweet Crossing is playable whenever, whenever, and even without an internet connection. What are you delaying for? Join the adorable world of dogs and treats in this entertaining casual game right away.

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