How To Write An Engaging TikTok Description For Your Videos

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Do you want to get better at tiktok videos? Do you want to attract a wider audience? the inclusion of an intriguing tiktok description can be a fantastic addition.

TikTok content creators don't care much about writing a video description. While trying to develop creative video ideas, you often ignore the importance of the video description.

The 150 characters provided for a video description can do wonders when you post videos. all you have to do now is put them to good use. In particular, we'll look at seven strategies for writing better tiktok video descriptions in this article.

why are tiktok video descriptions important?

Before we get into the how-tos and practical guidance, let's talk about why video descriptions are so essential in this social media app. many people are unaware of the benefits of featured descriptions, so they are underestimated.

There are several benefits of creating video descriptions that will encourage you to put in more effort. here are some examples:

  • Allow visually impaired audiences to view your videos. even those with visual impairments can appreciate your content if you tag it with an informative video description and an entertaining video.
  • Video subtitles or texts are sometimes hard to read or disappear quickly. Your viewers may not be able to understand the text displayed in the video due to the fast moving text accompanied by various effects. therefore, video descriptions allow you to compensate for this inconvenience.
  • help you improve communication with your target markets. an engaging tiktok description encourages viewers to discuss it, and you can expect new comments to appear.
  • make sure your viewers don't miss any crucial elements of the video. details can often be the most significant aspect of a video. the description can help you signal users what to focus on.
  • provide more information. the description is the opportunity to share vital information that you did not have time to include in the video. You can, for example, tag contributors who appear in your videos or provide the links to purchase the items you used.
  • encourage people to watch your video until the end. a decent description can pique viewers' interest and suggest they shouldn't miss a second.
  • build a relationship with your audience. even though you don't have a lot of space to write in the description, it's still a way for active users to learn more about you.
  • get more views. Adding hashtags with a popularity boost to your video description could help you get more views. hashtags make it easy for people to see your great stuff. do not underestimate its power; digital marketers recommend using popular hashtags to increase views.

tips for writing captivating video descriptions for tiktok

here are seven tips you can follow to start engaging your customers through tiktok video descriptions.

#1. research your audience

a tiktok video description is a brief textual explanation of the video. Since it's only 150 characters, making a short and sweet caption takes a bit of effort.

Customer research is the best source of information for outstanding tiktok video description ideas. interviews, focus groups, segmentation, and customer surveys are important research methodologies for obtaining raw customer data.

when researching your target audience, you need to find important information, such as:

  • customer needs
  • potential demands for products or services
  • aspirations or dreams
  • successful previous social media marketing campaigns

These ideas might inspire you to write video descriptions that go viral on this social media platform.

#2. keep it simple

TikTok video descriptions are limited to 150 characters (including hashtags), so prepare your content ahead of time. it takes some time to create a description that is attractive and relevant.

You should try to keep your descriptions under 140 characters. That way, if there are any last minute changes you want to make, it won't be hard to do.

here are some tips to be more meaningful and direct with your descriptions:

  • Begin your sentence with essential information. For example, "Based on scientific research, here are 5 tips to improve your mental health" might become "Here are 5 tips to improve your mental health."
  • remove any lint from your caption by editing it multiple times. “Gift exchange is an important part of Christmas. what do you think?" is fine, but you can shorten it to "how about exchanging presents for Christmas?"

Isn't it true that the character limit of the description makes being succinct a piece of cake? so keep in mind your goal: to provide only the essential data.

#3. collaborate with influential people

Most brands implement tiktok influencer marketing strategies for a variety of reasons, one of which is creative content that aligns with their key message.

These young influencers can generate many interesting content ideas. therefore, writing a good tiktok video description is something they can achieve as well.

Also, when a creator makes a video featuring their brand, they should think of a perfect caption because they are usually the ones doing the creative work. this is an alternative that many marketers advocate.

a subject social media marketer named christine rowe advises: “ask your influencer to help you create captions. give them information about your target audience community, and many influencers will be happy to write up some suggestions for you.”

Of course, you should review the caption before posting. however, an influencer is a wonderful source of inspiration to write that small but powerful text.

#4. ask questions

Would you prefer money and power to love?

if you could go anywhere in the world, where would be the first place?

Incorporating questions into marketing content is a proven way to drive consumer engagement. Compared to no-questions posts, if a business asks the right questions, the engagement rate can be higher.

this strategy works because posing a question:​​​​​​​



  • causes people to pause, reflect, and consider a possible response
  • slows down the reading pace, allowing them to connect more deeply with the content
  • engage people in the content

To improve interaction with the content, several companies use questions.

for example, in this pepsi video, two influencers are having a beatbox battle imitating many kinds of sounds you can make with a pepsi can. both turn out great!

the caption asks the audience which side they are on. as a result, Pepsi customers will be happy to share their thoughts in the comments section.

To ask effective questions, follow these tips:

  • experiment with open and closed questions. the latter can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”, but the former requires more information. "Have you ever felt like this?" for example, it is a closed question, but "which side are you on?" is open.






  • make sure the questions are pertinent. You won't be able to generate better engagement if your questions are irrelevant. the questions should involve discussing the concerns, interests and ambitions of your target consumers.

Asking questions in the video description has a huge benefit, according to lifestyle bloggers. it not only increases user engagement, but also helps facilitate a conversation with your potential customers.

#5. include relevant hashtags

tiktok is a fantastic social platform when it comes to recommending content to a user. its algorithm analyzes different content to get an idea of ​​what it is about, and learns through hashtags.

To ensure your content is seen by the right people, you need to use accurate and relevant hashtags. this tactic will help you get more engagement on tiktok and meet your marketing goals.

to find the most relevant hashtags:






  • keep an eye on recent tiktok trends. new dance moves, popular songs, sounds and filters are often accompanied by new hashtags. check out the popular videos on the discover page as there is a high chance they will feature new trends.
  • Take a look at the hashtags with an increase in popularity among the best. Look up the top influencers in your field and pay attention to the hashtags they use on this platform.
  • use hashtags that are specific to the season. #sweaterweather, #warmchristmas or #halloweenonpoint are good examples.

When you've decided which hashtags to use, consider how many you use in a post.

Some people make the mistake of including them in the entire video description, which can make the post look like spam. Because too many hashtags can be confusing, tiktok's algorithm may have trouble understanding the content.

Limit to five hashtags for your tiktok video descriptions. it is a suitable number for you to provide important information and leave room for description as well.

#6. use tiktok analytics

tiktok analytics provide the user with a huge source of information to improve their posts so that they can get more followers, interactions and views.

using tiktok analytics reveals the following:







  • How consistent are you when it comes to posting content?
  • how many followers do you currently have?
  • How interesting are your posts?
  • what is the total number of views, shares, comments and likes on your content?
  • metrics for hashtag performance (which ones attract more interactions).

these indicators show how well your tiktok marketing approach is working, what is working (and what is not) and potential points for improvement.

for example, the rapid growth of interactions and followers in a short period of time implies that your content is interesting. producing a similar type of content to keep your followers interested can be a good idea.

so using tiktok analytics indicators will help the user to develop a more effective approach.

#7. keep it relatable

A normal person overcoming a real life challenge is often what makes a viral tiktok video relatable. this is the point where the information you gathered from your consumer research will come in handy.

By looking at the customer data your marketing team has provided you, you'll see certain scenarios where your product can be useful.

Circumstances may vary depending on your company and brands.

here are two tips for creating related content:








  • communicates with the audience. the word "are" is used in the caption to urge the reader to put themselves in the shoes of the main characters.
  • It's easy to read. the caption is written in a normal, conversational manner, without long or difficult terms.

To develop concise and compelling video descriptions for your tiktok videos, follow the guidelines above. they are the best options for describing real-life scenarios and providing a clear background for your video.

how to edit a tiktok description after uploading it

after you've posted a tiktok video, you can't change the description. however, there is a method to achieve it.

this is the process of editing the description of a video on tiktok after its publication​​​​​​​









  • save the video to your phone by downloading it
  • delete the original video you want to edit the description of
  • replace the old description with the new one and re-upload the video

The nature of this hack is to simply replace the old video with a new one with a new description.

it's best to create a social media content schedule with all your tiktok video descriptions. Because your marketing team will see it frequently, they'll easily spot any errors in the description and correct them immediately.


Throughout the article, we have presented various tips for you to create an engaging and interactive tiktok description. By following our guidelines, you can not only get more views and followers, but you can also increase your brand awareness. Furthermore, we have also demonstrated how to edit the description on tiktok. although you can't change anything after it's done uploading, there are some tricks you can follow to do it.