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Is there anything worse than those useless five minute hacks that show up on your timeline?

a man has decided to take matters into his own hands by posting videos on tiktok calling these so-called "life hacks", and people love it.

khaby lame is the best life hacks fact checker, proving tips that are uploaded all the time on the internet.

lame was born in senegal, west africa, and raised in chivasso, italy, according to brobible.

people seem to enjoy his myth busting tiktok as khaby has a staggering 793.3 million total likes and 59.2 million followers making him the most Italian tiktoker followed.

from the silly to the ridiculous: khaby's got it covered with his deadpan expression.

here are some of our favourites.

use toilet paper

in a video, a woman shows us that by pushing the toilet pipe out, she can pull paper out of the inside of the roll... we're not sure why we would need to do this.

we use it every day, so if there was a problem, we're pretty sure we would have figured it out by now.

you can watch the full video here.

ustiktok/khaby.lame found the toilet paper trick pretty useless

and neither does khaby, as the clip then cuts to him looking unimpressed as he hilariously shows how everyone has been using toilet paper since the dawn of time, ripping off the outside at the end.

khaby responds by showing the unnecessary istiktok/khaby.lame hack

after tearing off a piece of toilet paper, she cheekily uses both hands to point out what she just did.

This video alone has a whopping 210 million views, 23.9 million likes, and 167,000 comments

cutting a banana

khaby shows that the way we've always opened a banana is faster than any hacktiktok/aatoji and khaby.lame

you can watch the full video here.

We didn't think there was an easier alternative to eating a banana than peeling it, after all, we've been peeling it with our hands since we evolved to have opposable thumbs, and that was a while ago.

but somehow a page of life hacks made us question everything when they were shown cutting the skin off each side of the banana.

don't worry though, khaby has squashed, or should we say peeled, this trick by showing how much faster it really is to peel a banana, rather than spending years meticulously slicing around.

points to the peeled banana and shakes his head in disbelief; we couldn't believe it either, khaby.

This video has had 239.9 million views, 34.7 million likes, and 389,000 comments.

clothes stuck in car door

who's got scissors in the car anyway?

you can watch the full video here.

now, we admit that this isn't all that common using toilet paper or peeling a banana, but this trick is just ridiculous.

the point of a hack is to solve one problem, not create another as this particular hack did when it advised people who had the top stuck in a car door to cut the top off with scissors so they could break free.

I don't know about you, but we don't want to have to cut off our favorite top.

instead of simply opening the car door, which is exactly what khaby did to demonstrate the stupidity of the "trick".

khaby showing that simply opening the car door will free your upper body from getting trapped.tiktok/khaby.lame

this tiktok has had over 193.5 million views, 25 million likes, and 176,000 comments, so we hope no one uses scissors to get free from a car.

towel as a mat

a towel was never going to work as a mat as khaby pointed out on his tiktoktiktok/khaby.lame

you can watch the full video here.

Another video, which has 50.5 million views, 6.8 million likes, and 62,000 comments, shows a man using his towel and pillow as a mat.

Obviously it turns out to be a complete flop as when the man jumps on the towel, the thin material couldn't float, and we can all see that, so we're not sure why this would be described as a gimmick.

but let khaby see things clearly, he shows how you can avoid getting wet just by buying a mat that was actually designed to hold a person, who would have thought?

the tiktoker seemed relaxed in the pool as he showed his famous deadpan expression and cheekily pointed at the mattress he was lying on.

honestly, we could watch khaby's videos all day and can't wait to see what other tricks he'll do in the future.